Supplier Risk Management: Joining Best Practices with Technology

How does your organization go about mitigating supplier risk? By looking at the typical key performance indicators, like timeliness, quality, and price?

With all due respect, that’s not enough in today’s marketplace.

Take a look at this whitepaper about research conducted by Baylor University. They talked with 33 leading companies (list of respondents included) about their supplier risk management practices. You’ll learn …

  • how best-in-class companies structure and execute supplier risk programs
  • the types of supplier risk they’re measuring
  • how they’re using their results and KPIs to manage their overall supply chain

Once you’ve digested the paper, you’ll walk away understanding the features, components, and tools that the ideal supplier risk management technology would contain. We wager you’ll also reach the same conclusion that Baylor and other leading researchers have: Better supplier risk management matters.