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See SAP Ariba in action

Each month in 2020 we’ll conduct a live demonstration of an SAP Ariba solution or capability. Demos are 30 minutes long, with part of that time dedicated to Q&A.

Registration is now available for the series of demos coming in October. Sign up for each one individually, or for the whole series.

And, you can always access replays of past demos to watch at your convenience, on demand.


The Demos

See the bigger picture

You can achieve solid business results with any SAP Ariba solution. You can achieve even more by automating your source-to-pay processes end-to-end. So sign up for the next three demos and get a bigger-picture view what you can accomplish with SAP Ariba.

Sign up for the series

The Replays

screenshot promoting live demo of SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway and SAP S/4HANA
Cloud Integration Gateway with SAP S/4HANA

Learn how to improve time-to-market, reduce costs, and simplify integration across your business.

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Teaser image for page on about live demo of SAP Ariba Discount Management software
Discount Management

Learn how to fuel liquidity into your supply chain to strengthen your suppliers’ ability to manage their cash needs and mitigate your supply chain risk.

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Screenshot of SAP Ariba Procurement guided buying capability app
Guided Buying Capability

Learn how to deliver a next-gen user experience with the SAP Ariba guided buying capability.

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Screenshot image for live demo about SAP Ariba procurement capability guided buying
Guided Buying Capability II

Learn how to improve the buying experience for your employees while boosting compliance.

Learn more Image promoting demo of SAP Ariba solution capability for guided sourcing
Guided Sourcing Capability

Learn how you can increase user adoption and generate greater savings with the new guided sourcing user experience

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Default image for live demo about SAP Ariba Intelligent Configuration Manager
Intelligent Configuration Manager

Learn how to provide your team with the tools to solve problems, not just open service requests.

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teaser banner image of solution screenshot for SAP Ariba Discovery for buyers live demo
SAP Ariba Discovery for Buyers

Learn how to streamline supplier discovery and drive instant sourcing savings.

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teaser banner image of solution screenshot for SAP Ariba Supplier Management
Supplier Management

Learn how to use supplier lifecycle and risk management solution to make smarter procurement decisions.

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Screenshot image used to promote live demo of SAP Ariba Supplier Risk solution
Supplier Risk

Learn how to leverage actionable supplier risk intelligence throughout your procurement process.

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Screenshot image used to promote live demo of SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration solution
Supply Chain Collaboration

Learn how to collaborate even better with direct spend trading partners on supply chain planning and execution processes for full supply chain visibility.

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Screenshot image for demo about trading partner collaboration on Ariba Network
Trading-Partner Collaboration on Ariba Network

Ariba Network is where businesses connect, communicate, and collaborate to redefine how work gets done. Watch this demo replay to learn how.

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