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Deliver the lowest TCO with pre-built integration, managed in the cloud

If you’ve been running into roadblocks on your digital transformation journey, SAP can help clear the way, from source to pay. We’re integrating SAP Ariba solutions with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud platform so you can say goodbye to inconsistent user experiences, fragmented solution stacks, and bad data, as well as the added costs and risks of third-party integration projects and middleware solutions.

Digitalizing source-to-pay with fully integrated end-to-end processes, governance, and user experiences means your organization can achieve:

  • Lower total cost of ownership – Savings pile up when you employ standard, native integrations and avoid third-party integration, maintenance, upgrade, and middleware costs

  • Rapid ROI – With built-in inter- and intra-suite integrations across the source-to-pay process, you can see a fast return on your investment while significantly reduce costs

  • Quicker, smoother deployments – SAP Ariba’s native, pre-built integration provides the fastest, most assured deployment with the least risk

  • Improved compliance – Seamless, easy-to-use software encourages greater user adoption and, in turn, more control and compliance

  • Greater efficiency – Since users engage with a standard interface across all applications, they can adapt to change quicker and execute day-to-day tasks faster, with fewer errors

  • Greater effectiveness – True integration and optimized data deliver complete visibility, stronger collaboration, and reliable KPI reporting across the source-to-pay process

Integration Features and Capabilities

SAP’s intelligent source-to-pay framework delivers integrated data, integrated governance, and an integrated user experience.

Seamless user experience

No more switching between apps and disrupting workflow while executing the source-to-pay process. Now users can enjoy a consistent, harmonized experience with easy, cross-application navigation and a seamless, end-to-end flow built on the award-winning SAP Fiori user interface.

Pre-built integration

Five SAP Ariba solutions that encompass the source-to-pay process – from sourcing and contracting through buying and paying – are pre-built and integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud using SAP Cloud Integration Gateway. Set up is fast and updates are automatic.

Single sign-on

With single-sign-on capability, users log in just once to execute all steps of a source-to-pay process, from end to end. This works to improve user satisfaction and compliance, regardless of the underlying cloud procurement or ERP applications.

Unified user management

Centrally administered with automated provisioning across applications, user management is easily controlled and documented. Users need be set up only once and access is efficiently and effectively revoked across all systems when they are no longer authorized.

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