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SAP Ariba Benchmark Program Policy

I.  Data policy

The SAP Ariba Benchmark Program (the “Program”) operated by Ariba, Inc. in cooperation with other SAP affiliated companies (“Ariba/SAP”) is provided to participating companies (“Participants”) according to the following data confidentiality commitments:

  1. Participant company names appear only in reports and diagnostic outputs provided back to the customer whose data was benchmarked.
  2. Participant company names will not appear in reports created for other customers or for prospects.
  3. Ariba/SAP may publicly disclose Participant information or Participant responses only in aggregate or anonymous form. Data shared with other customers or prospects (other than the customer whose data was benchmarked in the program) only appears at the aggregate industry, region, and program levels (that is, across all customers participating in the particular benchmarking program module).
  4. When we compare a Participant with other Participants' data, we do not reveal the names of the other Participants. We compare against quartiles derived by aggregating the data at the industry, region, or program levels.
  5. Ariba/SAP does not communicate any Participant information or Participant responses identifiable as a Participant to anyone except Ariba/SAP employees.
  6. A benchmark metric is reported only if seven or more Participants contribute data for that metric. Best-in-class number will be withheld if it is 50 percent of the aggregate number for the specific metric.
  7. No specific response links to a Participant's name or alludes to a Participant and only Ariba/SAP has the codes necessary to link a Participant with their responses, data, reports, performance, or results.
  8. Scope of Data Under Review

    ▪  The Ariba product data extracted includes only a limited set of data fields and does NOT include any fields designated for storing personal data
    ▪  Ariba product data is extracted for trailing 12 months from the start of the benchmarking program for the current fiscal year
    ▪  Ariba product data is combined with survey data from VLM to create benchmarking report

  9. Data Extraction and Management and Retention

    ▪  If you are an On-Premise Ariba customer, we will require approximately two hours of your time to extract the data. You’ll send us the data using a secure FTP process.
    ▪  If you are a Hosted or Cloud customer, the Ariba benchmarking team will extract the data from the applicable Ariba Cloud Services environment. You are providing consent for such extraction under the Master Software License Agreement or Master Cloud Subscription Agreement (or other similar agreement) in place between your organization and Ariba or SAP.
    ▪  Client data extracted across various regions are stored centrally in a secure server in Pittsburgh, United States for product based data and Philadelphia, United States for survey data, each secured according to SAP IT security policies. Data aggregation, benchmark calculation and report generation happens on the servers in Philadelphia, United States with restricted access only to the benchmarking team.
    ▪  After the benchmark report generation, we only retain the aggregate data for future report reference and we delete all line level data within two months of the reporting cycle.


II.  Other program terms

  1. Participation in the Program does not grant Ariba/SAP any right to use any trademark, trade names, or logos proprietary to the Participant; and such use is governed by the terms of the Master Software License Agreement (or other similar agreement) if one exists.
  2. To receive a benchmark report, it is mandatory for Participants to enroll and provide responses to survey questions on SAP Value Life Cycle Manager (
  3. Acceptance to participate in the Program is inclusive of all Ariba cloud and on-premise Solutions that customer has licensed or subscribed to. “Solution” means all On-premise Ariba Software Products, Ariba hosted On-Demand Basic and On-Demand Professional offerings, and Ariba Cloud Services.
  4. From time to time Ariba/SAP will need to make changes to this policy. Some of the changes will be in response to changes in applicable laws and regulations. In addition, as Ariba/SAP adds new features and new services to a Solution, Ariba/SAP will continue to handle customer data consistently with this policy, but some changes or clarifications may be required. You are encouraged to check this policy occasionally to stay informed of any changes in our policies and procedures regarding customer data. For substantial and material changes to this policy, Ariba/SAP will provide notification to all Participants and suggest that Participants review the updated policy

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at