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Find Suppliers on Ariba Network

There are 3.4 milhões de empresas companies on Ariba Network, operating in mais de 190 countries around the world. There’s a good chance a fair number of your suppliers are among them. SAP Ariba can help you find them and establish your network connections.

It’s also a pretty safe bet that you don’t know many of the suppliers on Ariba Network – but should. These are the suppliers ready to compete for your business and to help drive your costs down while lowering your supply risks.

  • Find and connect with your suppliers

    There are several ways to connect with your existing suppliers on Ariba Network:

    Supplier match analysis

    SAP Ariba can analyze your vendor master list – all or part of it – to determine which of your suppliers are already on Ariba Network. You’ll find these suppliers easier to connect with because of their familiarity with SAP Ariba. To get started, please contact your customer engagement executive.

    Keep in mind that suppliers are constantly joining Ariba Network. So, it’s a good idea to run supplier match analyses from time to time.

    Supplier enablement services

    SAP Ariba can help you organize and manage your supplier enablement program. That could include any of or all the following aspects:

    • Wave/flight plan best practices
    • Outreach
    • Communications
    • Integration
    • Catalogs

    Your customer engagement executive can help you determine what help you need and how to get started.

    Supplier self-nomination for buyers

    It’s easy to let your suppliers find you on Ariba Network, too. Just follow these steps:

    First: Opt into the program

    1. Log in to Ariba Network and select Administration
    2. Select Configuration
    3. Select Supplier Self-Nomination
    4. Complete and submit the form

    Next: Review supplier requests

    1. Log in to Ariba Network and select Supplier Enablement
    2. Select Active Relationships
    3. Review suppliers that have requested a connection
    4. Accept or decline suppliers’ connection requests
    5. Review the confirmations and return to Home

    If you have any questions about the self-nomination program or need additional assistance, please contact your customer engagement executive.

  • Discover new suppliers

    SAP Ariba Discovery is a free and easy service that matches you with suppliers from among a broad, global base of companies. That includes green, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses across more than 20,000 categories. These suppliers are ready to compete for your business and satisfy virtually any purchasing need, whether you’re engaged in strategic or tactical sourcing (i.e., spot buys).

    Taking advantage of the competitive bids that SAP Ariba Discovery can deliver from new sources of supply can help you reduce your average overall project spend by about 15 percent.

    Whether your sourcing is strategic or a spot buy, your search on SAP Ariba Discovery involves just three steps:

    1. Describe your needs. Create a posting in minutes.
    2. Review proposals. Suppliers often respond within a day, and sometimes within hours.
    3. Make your selection, aided by accurate, up-to-date supplier information. You can choose to award the business or gather supplier information for a future event.

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