Enjoy training your way

Students learn best through a combination of methods or learning styles. SAP Ariba provides multiple offerings to support the way you want to learn. SAP Ariba training, enablement, and adoption services are available a variety of ways: virtual classroom, traditional classroom (custom or private training), remote, and through the cloud in the SAP Learning Hub.

SAP Ariba Education in SAP Learning Hub

Find all the SAP Ariba training you need in one place, whenever and wherever you need it, through the power and convenience of the cloud. SAP Ariba trainings and materials are available in a recorded, self-paced environment and interactive learning rooms via the SAP Learning Hub. You can purchase a subscription to the SAP Learning Hub on your own, or your organization can provide subscriptions for up to thousands of users. Either way, you’ll have access to our innovative new learning rooms and a vast selection of learning content – the most effective, up-to-date, and cost-effective SAP Ariba education available anywhere.

  • Here's how to get started

    SAP Learning Hub Standard Training

    To sample a limited version of SAP Learning Hub and explore the value and benefits of a subscription, visit SAP Learning Hub. Once there, look for the box titled Discover SAP Learning Hub in the right-hand column and click Discover for free.

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  • Standard Training: Offered as virtual live training or private classes

    Standard training provides a method to acquire a deeper understanding and skills to use the SAP Ariba solutions. Focused on product features, functions, and best practices, these sessions are a great way to get started.

    Virtual live training sessions make it easy for you to reduce your travel expenses with comprehensive training that’s conveniently delivered over the Internet. As in traditional classrooms, virtual live classrooms stress hands-on learning with access to live software systems. This form of training allows you to:

    • Learn from wherever you choose, using your own computer

    • Engage with a live instructor for the duration of the course

    • Download electronic and printable course materials

    • Interact with fellow classmates no matter where they live

    Private classes are designed to maximize students’ skills and knowledge through training suited to the specific needs of your organization. Delivered onsite at your location, private classes can also help reduce your training costs.

  • Change management and custom training

    Change management and custom training can help ensure solution adoption, as well as successful supplier enablement, while also supporting your change management objectives. Standard, out-of-the-box training is presented in general terms and might include either too much or too little content for your situation. Custom training, on the other hand, brings SAP Ariba’s proven training methodology, experience, and consultants to the fore.

    Working together we can define your learning objectives, program, exercises, materials, and class logistics to make sure the right content is delivered in the most appropriate way, in the context of your company's business processes, and in your company's business language. This way, we can efficiently and effectively integrate your SAP Ariba solutions into your corporate culture by:

    • Specifying the characteristics and goals of your training initiatives
    • Aligning your training program with your user base and business processes
    • Building a training program that works within your time and budget parameters