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Take a journey to intelligent sourcing and procurement

Rapid technological evolution, along with significant social, economic, and digital disruptions are driving innovation, remaking supply chains and procurement operations. What type of business is succeeding by applying new technologies to procurement?

The intelligent enterprise, empowered in part by intelligent sourcing and procurement.

Watch this series of video discussions to hear experts from SAP and partner businesses dive into new and emerging technologies and processes that are revolutionizing the procurement and supply chain industry.

The Videos

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Paula: AI-Powered Procurement

Mo Ahmad and Pablo Jorge Fuentes, Accenture’s head of SAP sourcing and procurement in Europe, take a close look at user-centered procurement and how Paula, the intelligent chat bot developed by Accenture, can enhance user experience by providing a fast and reliable way to get information from your SAP Ariba landscape.

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myConcerto: Value-led Transformation

Pablo Jorge Fuentes talks about myConcerto. It’s an insight-driven, digitally integrated platform that’s orchestrating the power of SAP solutions and technologies to create exceptional business outcomes for our customers.

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Compliance Analytics: Procurement Insights for Smarter Decision Making

Mo and Pablo discuss the power of Compliance Analytics from Accenture. Find out how procurement professionals are leveraging insights and in-depth analysis to identify leakage, drive compliance, and realize savings targets.

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Procurement Live Insights+: Operational Procurement Process Costs as a Catalyst for Change

The challenge of operational procurement is real and growing. In this installment, Pablo and Mo explore the value of digital solutions for operational procurement. You’ll hear how automated dashboards and transaction monitoring can help you eliminate superfluous and manual processes.

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Eliminate Fraud and Incompliance

In this video, you’ll discover how the Compliance Scanner from PwC can mitigate incompliance, fraud, and risk in procurement processes by employing data mining techniques, advanced analytics, and user-friendly dashboards.

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Create Buy-In for Change

Before embarking on a journey to digitally transform procurement, you must first win hearts and minds; that is, obtain executive and stakeholder buy-in for change. Watch this video to hear Odesma and SAP Ariba experts discuss strategies.

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Intelligent Contract Management

Experts from Deloitte and iCertis discuss with Mo how contracting can be transformed with intelligent workflows and document management capabilities, placing it at the center of the negotiating process, integrated with supplier relationship management, and ensuring compliance so that negotiated savings are realized.

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Purchasing and Sourcing Automation

In this installment of our series, experts from EY and SAP Ariba discuss guided sourcing and how autonomous procurement can help improve user experience, reduce cycle time, and increase capacity for focusing on more strategic activities.

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