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Watch on-demand sessions from previous Supplier Digital Summits.

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An SAP Ariba supplier stands in a warehouse smiling.

Supplier Digital Summit Archives

Welcome to the Supplier Digital Summit archives – we’re glad you’re here. Your success is our goal, so we hope these resources will help you throughout your e-commerce journey.

Here you’ll find replays from previous global events curated for you, whether you’re new to Ariba Network or a seasoned pro looking to advance your learning.

Check out the featured sessions focused on recent conversations with leading suppliers who share their experiences and success tips. Then explore the additional sessions covering beginner and advanced topics plus previews of upcoming supplier features.

Featured sessions

An Ariba Network supplier smiles leaning on a table in a cafe

Shifting the Way We Do Business in Today's Market Uncertainty

In this panel session, Alexander Graff, Head of Corporate Business at Schweitzer, and Christoph Zurell, Head of Corporate Account Management and eBusiness CE Hub at RS Components, discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their organizations and the strategies they've taken to manage the new business environment.

An Ariba Network supplier leans over a desk using a computer

Creating a Sustainability Mindset for Long-Term Success

Hear from Kevin Dunckley, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer at HH Global, and Ory Smadja, National eBusiness Manager at Bidvest Waltons, in this panel session as they discuss how they've implemented sustainable practices within their organization and how this has shaped their overall corporate strategy.

An Ariba Network supplier reviews invoices on a digital tablet

Value & Business Efficiency Through Automation

Sarah Vili, B2B Integration Manager at Complete Office Suppliers, and Manjunath Prabhakar, eCommerce Customer Experience Leader at APJ HPI, share their digital transformation stories with Ariba Network and strategies to optimize their business processes.

An Ariba Network supplier reviews an order on his mobile phone.

Coping with Today's Economic Challenges, presented by Standard Chartered

Hear Standard Chartered panelists discuss best practices for sustaining business through the pandemic and what suppliers should focus on to prepare for the future.

Additional sessions

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