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James Lee, COO SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass, is a concert pianist, too.

Conducting Business at a Digital Tempo

Among his many talents, Chief Operating Officer James Lee is a concert pianist and classical music aficionado. In this blog, he writes how – when a business organizes its activities around shared, motivating ideals – the effect can be as galvanizing as a baton in the steady hand of a conductor leading a symphony orchestra.

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How Can Business Leaders Spend Better?

As businesses grow, so does the data that is gathered and companies are turning to artificial intelligence and other cloud-based technologies to unleash tremendous value in the process.

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How the Chief Procurement Officer Will Soon Become the Chief Purpose Officer

People are finally realizing we must act immediately to create a healthier, cleaner world before it’s too late, and the way to do it is through the supply chain.

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For Innovators, Rewriting the Rules Is Elemental

For technology leaders, every innovation presents unique challenges and opportunities. But what do you do when your innovation violates the known laws of physics?

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Young entrepreneurs working together

The Power Of Attitude In Growing Midsize Businesses

Every leader has a unique perspective when it comes to the secret to business success in today’s highly digitalized marketplace. Some say it’s a matter of visionary digital investments or a combination of perspiration and inspiration. Meanwhile, others claim a sense of purpose as a key driver.

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