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The New Procurement Experience

Chris Haydon, President, SAP Procurement Solutions, looks back at the past decade and forward to the road ahead, sharing SAP Ariba’s vision, approach to innovation, and how we’re helping our customers be agents of growth for their enterprise.

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Leading with Confidence During Disruption: Supply Chain Strategies

SAP and Deloitte share insights that supply chain and procurement decision-makers can use to navigate current events and prepare for what comes next.

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Ushering in the Next Generation of SAP Procurement

Where are SAP’s procurement offerings headed? Salvatore Lombardo, chief product officer for SAP Procurement, shares his insights.

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Five Steps to a More Resilient Consumer Goods Supply Chain

With some parts of the world starting to open up and others still shut down, now is the time to evaluate the steps to manage your supply chain going forward. While many industries can leverage these steps, here we will focus on consumer goods.

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Sustainable Sourcing: Strengthen Your Supply Chain With Reliability And Adaptability

Evolving to an easier, more reliable way to increase performance and savings while achieving measurable outcomes is an ongoing objective for procurement teams – even more of a necessity as resources are reduced and budgets shrink.

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Creating a Unified, Open, and Intelligent Business Network

The current health crisis has demonstrated the importance of resilient and flexible supply chains. Companies are challenged with many disruptions in their established supply chains: The uncertain supply of critical materials, demand volatility for goods and services, and constrained capacity in manufacturing and logistics. There's an solution.

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Procurement Takes Center Stage

Chris Haydon, President, SAP Procurement Solutions, discusses how the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shined a spotlight on procurement and the importance of having strategic, forward-thinking procurement leaders.

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COVID-19: Supply Chain Visibility/Impact Analysis by Supplier Country, Region on Ariba Network

Learn about enhanced reporting capability to help customers using Ariba Network and SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration for buyers assess the impact of the current global crisis on their supply chains.

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Business As Unusual: Resiliency In Times Of Supply Chain Disruption

The world we live in, while often turbulent, has been turned on its head recently. Highly variable demand for goods and services, uncertain supply of critical materials and constrained labor and resource capacity in manufacturing and logistics is resulting in critical shortages for medical equipment and consumer necessities. These unparalleled supply chain disruptions are major contributors to the current global economic environment.

Thankfully, many companies are stepping up to handle the most urgent situations.

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As Earth Day Turns 50, Digital Networks Have the Power to Place Business at the Forefront of a Sustainable Future

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, we’re reminded of the ever-present tension that exists between nature and humankind. At the same time that entire nations shelter in place, we see pollution receding in our seas and in our skies. But a global health crisis shouldn’t be a necessary precursor to healing the environment, should it?

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