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The New Procurement Experience

Chris Haydon, President, SAP Procurement Solutions, looks back at the past decade and forward to the road ahead, sharing SAP Ariba’s vision, approach to innovation, and how we’re helping our customers be agents of growth for their enterprise.

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North Star Illuminates Path to Procurement Innovation

How often do we hear that a new product or service will answer all our needs? That it will help us to make better decisions, procure smarter, deliver products faster, live healthier and safer, run more efficient workplaces, and even adapt to change better – but only if we use that particular offering? All too often, the hype eventually fades as soon as a newer, better, more affordable alternative emerges.

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Leading with Confidence During Disruption: Supply Chain Strategies

SAP and Deloitte share insights that supply chain and procurement decision-makers can use to navigate current events and prepare for what comes next.

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Ushering in the Next Generation of SAP Procurement

Where are SAP’s procurement offerings headed? Salvatore Lombardo, chief product officer for SAP Procurement, shares his insights.

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What Can Neuroscience Teach Us about Repairing Fractured Supply Chains?

As businesses confront the complexities of repairing fractured supply chains in a post-COVID environment, a helpful analogy may be neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity to rewire itself in response to injury or accident.

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Acknowledging the Spectrum of Talent

At a time when technology has made inclusive hiring and retention easier to achieve than ever before, businesses owe it to their employees, their communities and – above all – their customers to pair the right opportunities with the many talented people with autism in their midst.

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We Must Lead the Way: The Empowered Role of Procurement in a New Reality

Wherever the next best source of supply is, agile organizations can better adapt when disruption hits.

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Procurement Takes Center Stage

Chris Haydon, President, SAP Procurement Solutions, discusses how the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shined a spotlight on procurement and the importance of having strategic, forward-thinking procurement leaders.

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Women Leaders Exemplify Innovation During COVID-19 Crisis

Out of the depths of adversity can arise exceptional demonstrations of leadership. Many female world leaders have exhibited decisiveness, empathy and innovation – setting precisely the example needed in these troubled times.

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As Earth Day Turns 50, Digital Networks Have the Power to Place Business at the Forefront of a Sustainable Future

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, we’re reminded of the ever-present tension that exists between nature and humankind. At the same time that entire nations shelter in place, we see pollution receding in our seas and in our skies. But a global health crisis shouldn’t be a necessary precursor to healing the environment, should it?

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