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Achieving Competitive Advantage with Trading Partner Collaboration in a Global, Dynamic Supply Chain

Boost transparency and control your costs – the time for trading partner collaboration is now.

Organizations are experiencing tighter regulations, shorter product lifecycles, the need for mass-customization, and volatile customer demands. In response, their supply chains have become more external, global, and nonlinear. And this evolution has created both opportunity and challenge for manufacturers and retailers.

Managing a dynamic supply chain requires careful strategy and close alignment with trading partners, and network-centric collaboration can help organizations solve these challenges. Download this IDC Industry Brief to learn about the impact of trading partner collaboration and how it can help you gain a competitive advantage while boosting customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and improving inventory turns.

This brief also explores:

  • The key incentives for improved trading partner collaboration across your design-to-operate processes
  • How supply chain business networks can support your company’s innovation, visibility, and agility
  • The actionable steps your company might take for effective collaboration, process management and trading partner integration

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