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Comprehensive Supplier Collaboration Reconnects Globally Distributed Supply Chains

Trends in external manufacturing and other outsourced supply chain functions and how supply chain visibility enables greater resiliency

Manufacturers across all industries have embraced external partners for manufacturing, logistics, packaging, and other functions, because it enables them to focus on their core competencies and business goals. In fact, 60% of manufacturers currently outsource a function or functional area that used to be under their direct control. And 80% say they use some kind of contract manufacturing service.

This means the supply chain now sits at the center of an ecosystem of suppliers, contract manufacturers, and logistics providers. However, worldwide disruption and increasing customer expectations have revealed cracks in the supply chain and posed countless challenges for these organizations.

Your business needs supply chain visibility and transparent insight to reduce latency and minimize risks and disruptions as you collaborate with a range of trading partners. A new paper by IDC reveals how manufacturers like you are making the new relationship with suppliers work for them. Specifically, they are taking advantage of new technologies that provide:

  • Better visibility into capacity, constraints, and the impact of disruptions
  • Clarity into supplier risk, regulatory compliance, and sustainability
  • The ability to focus on individual core competencies and drive efficiency and effectiveness

Whether your business outsources a little or a lot of its processes, SAP solutions can help you collaborate better with your trading partners. Download the new IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by SAP, to find out how.

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