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Integrating Supplier Risk Management into Your Procurement Processes

Solution Deep-Dive from Sourcing Interest Group (SIG)

Managing supplier risk is a significant challenge in today’s highly globalized supply chains. As your sourcing and procurement teams play more strategic roles in business growth and sustainability, real-time supplier risk insights need to be fully integrated into your procurement processes.

Review this SAP Ariba-sponsored SIG webinar to learn how you can accomplish that.

You’ll hear industry insiders share best practices, solutions, and tips on assessing, monitoring, and reducing supplier risks, including:

  • The importance of smart and secure risk intelligence that can guide your source-to-settle processes
  • What it takes to fully integrate real-time supplier risk insights into your procurement processes
  • How to proactively monitor risk with SAP Ariba Supplier Risk
Note: Audio begins at the 2:30 mark


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