Reining in Tail Spend with Spot Buy Purchasing

Learn about Pfizer’s strategy to manage non-sourced spend

Managing long tail vendors and spot buys – those unplanned, time-sensitive, and often mission-critical purchases – can be a difficult, expensive, and risky process. But it’s gotten a lot easier with spot buy software that can help you quickly and simply find and purchase non-sourced goods in a compliant manner.

Watch this webinar replay to find out how Pfizer and other leading organizations are tackling this problem, gaining control, and empowering buyers to purchase “in the moment.” You’ll learn how your own spot-buy purchasing strategy could…

  • give employees a better buying experience, driving solution adoption
  • increase visibility into ad-hoc purchases
  • reduce vendor management and long-tail costs


  • Scott LaGois, Manager, Business Process & Operations, Global Procurement, Pfizer
  • James Tucker, VP, GTM Strategy & Operations, SAP Ariba Spot Buy, SAP Ariba