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In this podcast from SAP Ariba, you’ll hear how procurement trailblazers are transforming corporate buying practices, the latest technologies needed to make it happen, future trends, and more.  

As you take steps to sharpen your operational focus to deliver more value through procurement transformation, listen to what industry leaders and futurists have to say about becoming a strategic leader and enabler of your company’s goals and objectives. From the changing role of procurement to the role of emerging technologies, these insiders know what it takes to transform an organization and succeed in procurement today. Click the play button or download these podcasts for a glimpse into their brains.

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The Episodes

Episode 1: Embracing Technology to Further Procurement

Tim Crawford, CIO strategic advisor, AVOA, provides insights on how modern technology can enable businesses to achieve procurement transformation and play a more strategic role within their organizations.

Episode 2: Why Procurement Leaders Need to Speak Up

Kelly Barner, owner and managing director of Buyers Meeting Point, shares why it’s essential that procurement leadership leverage their influence to achieve successful procurement transformations.

Episode 3: Procurement is for Profit: Changing Perspective

Omid Ghamami, chairman and CEO of the Center for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Excellence, weighs in on procurement’s changing role and how CPOs can focus less on costs and more on profit.

Episode 4: How Digital Transformation Will Leave Its Mark on Procurement

As the founder of Procurement Leaders and CEO of Old Street Labs, Mark Perera knows first-hand how blockchain, AI, and machine learning are supercharging successful procurement transformation.

Episode 5: The Next Catalyst for Procurement: Artificial Intelligence

Oliver Christie, AI consultant and founder of Foxy Machine, says AI is a must-have to future-proof your procurement organization. And he knows how you can start small and grow it to improve outcomes.

Episode 6: How Transparency Impacts Procurement

Hal Good, President and CEO, Procurement Pros Group, discusses how privacy and cybersecurity concerns impact cloud-based procurement and what’s needed to ensure data privacy and supply chain safety.

Episode 7: Exploring Procurement’s Digital and Functional Transformation

Big data and analytics expert Marcus Borba of Borba Consulting shares how digital technologies are leaving their mark on procurement and how, by adopting them, you can drive competitive differentiation.

Episode 8: Driving Agility and Flexibility with Cloud Technology

Ian Moyse is sales director for Natterbox Limited and an expert on cloud, IoT, and Big Data. Here he illustrates how emerging technologies are improving procurement and shaping his vision for its future.

David Turner, SAP Ariba podcast guest
Episode 9: The Gradual Evolution of Procurement

Leading consultant and owner of Spend Solutions, David Turner, sees the evolution of procurement as slow to adopt and shares insights on what procurement organizations can do differently to get up to speed.

Tania Seary, podcaster for SAP Ariba
Episode 10: Bringing Procurement Leaders Together

Strategy. Technology. Safe supply chains. Sustainability. How can you overcome today’s procurement challenges to deliver more value? Hear why Tania Seary, founder of Procurious, believes collaboration is the way forward.

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