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Explore the foundations of your digital procurement transformation

Imagine a procurement system that puts data at the center of every process and decision and uses intelligent solutions to derive critical information from that data about your spend, all while efficiently integrating all the components of your existing procurement system. The future-focused SAP Ariba platform does exactly that and provides you with agile, intelligent, and secure capabilities to help you optimize your use of SAP Ariba procurement solutions to meet your specific business needs.

As you tackle the challenges presented by today’s dynamic and uncertain procurement landscape, take a little time to listen to SAP Ariba product managers, solution experts, customers, and partners. They share insights and information about the features, functionality, use cases, and advantages of the SAP Ariba platform that you can use to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Your Hosts

Kshitij “Tej” Wadhwa – Tej is the solution marketing lead for SAP Ariba Platform and its features and capabilities. He is responsible for creating multi-channel marketing narratives for various SAP Ariba offerings.

Jason Brown, Ph.D. – Jason is the global vice president for product and solution management of technology and ecosystems at SAP Ariba. He oversees the extension solutions, intelligent capabilities, and infrastructures that are used by the entire SAP Ariba solution suite.


The Episodes

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Thomas Benjamin, CTO of SAP Ariba
Episode 1: An Overview of SAP Ariba Platform

Thomas Benjamin, CTO of SAP Ariba, talks with Viji Doriaswamy about the journey of SAP Ariba Platform, where it stands today, and the vision for its future. He shares the basics of the platform and how SAP Ariba Platform solutions are key to the digital transformation of procurement.

Greg Edmunds, Senior Director, SAP Ariba
Episode 2: Overview of SAP Ariba Extensibility & Configurability

In this conversation, Greg Edmunds, a senior director in SAP Ariba product management, answers Tej Wadhwa’s questions about the platform’s extensibility and configurability features and capabilities and their application.

Justin Stephansky, a senior product manager with SAP Ariba
Episode 3: Introduction to Intelligent Configuration Manager

Justin Stephansky, a senior product manager with SAP Ariba, discusses with Tej Wadhwa the value and vision of intelligent configuration manager and how, with its self-service capabilities, users can make procurement systems simple.

Jason Brown, SAP Ariba
Episode 4: SAP Ariba Extensibility Capabilities: Use Cases

Jason Brown, vice president of technology and ecosystems solution management for SAP Ariba, shares with Tej Wadhwa some stories about customers’ use of our extensibility solutions, including how they got started and the successes they achieved.

Servio Araujo, leader of global purchasing at Ford Motor Company
Episode 5: Data Analytics at Ford Motor Company

In this episode, Jason Brown interviews Servio Araujo, leader of global purchasing at Ford Motor Company and chair of the technology advisory board. Listen as Servio shares procurement-related, data analytics initiatives undertaken at Ford to solve some company-specific problems.

Sean McGann, solution manager for SAP Ariba platform extensibility solutions
Episode 6: Customize and Extend Procurement Solutions with Custom Forms

Sean McGann, solution manager for SAP Ariba platform extensibility solutions, discusses with Tej Wadhwa the value of the custom forms capability and how, with its intelligent features, it can help users solve their specific business and industry problems.

Episode 7: An Extensibility Journey with PepsiCo

Richard Martin, senior director for procurement technologies at PepsiCo, shares with Jason Brown the extensibility journey of PepsiCo, including insights into the technology and software they use to extend their procurement solutions.

Arundhati Kumar, a senior solution manager at SAP Ariba
Episode 8: Making Procurement Processes Efficient with Robotic Process Automation

Arundhati Kumar, a senior solution manager at SAP Ariba, shares with Tej Wadhwa how customers can build their own UI bots to automate mundane and repetitive procurement tasks.

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