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SAP Ariba solutions are open, smart, and simple

Discover the extensive portfolio of SAP Ariba solutions for large, midsize, and growing companies. You’ll find out how SAP is driving rapid innovations to make procurement and supply chain collaboration processes simple and smart. We're removing complexity, improving agility, and giving buyers and suppliers the tools to improve everything from source to pay and order to cash – all in one place.

SAP Ariba solutions are open  Open to all systems and all types of goods and services, giving you innovative ways to connect to the world’s largest network of buyers and suppliers, collaborate with the right business partners, and enhance your solution with targeted apps and extensions.

SAP Ariba solutions are smart  Offering an end-to-end automated system that removes complexity and allows buyers and suppliers to manage everything from contracts to payments on a single, integrated platform.

SAP Ariba solutions are simple  Delivering the insight you need to create and manage lasting, trusted connections with partners who fit with your business, while ensuring your policies and preferences automatically guide efficient, error-free transactions.


Danfoss: Simplifying Procurement with SAP

“SAP is our software provider of choice because of its unparalleled ability to integrate all core processes to produce a single version of the truth across the business.”

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