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Measure and track your progress by combining operational data with holistic reporting

The world is grappling with accelerating environmental and social challenges that are lighting a fire under the corporate sustainability movement. Ultimately, a sustainable world will be one woven together by transparent, resilient, and ethical supply chains. Sustainable supply chains will be required by stakeholders who reside in all quarters today – among investors, customers, employees, and regulators.

Indeed, regulation is increasing, and supply chain transparency is required by law:

  • More than 15 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America have already instituted supply chain transparency legislation
  • Germany, Australia, and Norway have recently passed supply chain due diligence acts
  • The EU Mandatory Due Diligence Directive is on the horizon, requiring even stronger supply chain transparency

These laws and regulations mean that broader climate, social responsibility, and circular economy sustainability goals are cascading into environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) metrics. The end game is zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality through climate action, circular economy, and social responsibility.

Enterprises can develop plans and processes for complying with regulations and achieving these goals by using the right technology and working with the right partner. Doing so, they can capture sustainability data and integrate it into business processes across the value chain. Combining operational data with holistic reporting can then measure progress toward corporate sustainability goals and deliver the requisite supply chain transparency.

  • Zero

    Emissions with Climate Action

  • Zero

    Waste with Circular Economy

  • Zero

    Inequality with Social Responsibility

Beyond Compliance: A Drive Toward Industry Innovation

Corporate sustainability initiatives are stimulating global economic transformation as companies everywhere are encouraged to act swiftly to capture opportunities while mitigating risk. Consider these factors:

  • An estimated USD 90 trillion is to be invested in climate-smart infrastructure by 2030
  • More than 60 carbon-reducing regulation initiatives are in force or scheduled for implementation
  • Corporate sustainability is the number-one concern among Millennials and Gen Z jobseekers
  • Market experts project seven times faster growth of sustainable consumer packaged goods in the coming (time frame)
  • Presently, 48% of CEOs are implementing corporate sustainability measures and initiatives across their business operations

    Capitalizing on the opportunities emerging from this economic transformation will require innovation across industries and supply chains. And the gateway to those supply chains is spend management – the efficient and effective source-to-pay process for buying what’s needed to produce a product and run a business. That’s why corporate executives are digitalizing and automating their sourcing, procurement, and accounts payable processes. They’re eliminating time-consuming and wasteful paper-based processes to work more effectively with their trading partners over digitized, cloud-based, business networks.

    Sharing processes and data in the cloud, trading partners can collect, analyze, and report on sustainability metrics. By collaborating and mitigating supply chain risk throughout the source-to-pay process, they can incorporate resilience and circularity into supply chains to contribute to a zero-emission, zero-waste world. All while together developing sustainable innovations that the marketplace demands.

    SAP Ariba technology is making procurement more efficient, more profitable, and more sustainable, helping us to deliver affordable clean energy and build a greener future for all.
    Ramón Zumárraga Director of Purchasing, Iberdrola, S.A
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    Choose the Right Technology

    Today’s market-leading software solutions are helping companies bring more spend under management to ensure that every spend decision fuels their business strategies, from source to pay. That includes end-to-end corporate sustainability strategies. For example:

  • Strategic sourcing solutions are equipped to help select sustainable suppliers and collect sustainability information
  • Supplier discovery services can help locate new suppliers for alternate or recycled feedstocks
  • Supplier risk management solutions can help monitor supplier risk while also building human rights due diligence into the procurement process
  • Supplier lifecycle management solutions make managing supplier certification simpler
  • Spend analysis solutions can collate, track, and report on spending among minority- and woman-owned businesses
  • Contract management and e-signature solutions eliminate paper- and ink-based agreements, reducing paper waste and related carbon emissions
  • SAP: A Recognized Leader in Corporate Sustainability

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    SAP is ranked #1 in the software industry with a 74/100 rating. The industry average is 21/100.

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    EcoVadis awards SAP a Top 2% Gold Rating of 70/100. The industry average is 44/100.

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    MSCI names SAP an ESG leader in the software and services Industry with a AAA rating.

    Explore SAP Ariba Spend Management Solutions

    An executive smiles as he stands in an office hallway realizing the benefits of SAP Ariba Spend Analysis software
    SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

    Aggregate, organize, and enrich all spend data from across different systems and identify and prioritize sourcing opportunities – including that of diversity spend – with greater simplicity.

    Learn about spend analysis
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    SAP Ariba Sourcing

    Discover new sources of supply and prequalify capacity for sustainability with weighted scoring and scenario optimization to create best-value agreements for sustainable savings.

    See sourcing solutions
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    SAP Ariba Contracts

    Automate and accelerate the contract lifecycle. Streamline collaboration and compliance. Rely on sustainability opt-out clauses. Implement risk-mitigating subcontractor requirements.

    Explore contract management
    Windfarm workers in image used on page about SAP Ariba procure to page software and solutions
    SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing

    Automate the procure-to-pay process end to end. Ensure compliance by building sustainability procurement policies into catalogs, the guided buying process, and approval workflows.

    Learn about procure-to-pay software
    Woman in black blazer smiling with arms crossed
    SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance

    Drive spend to preferred suppliers and scale compliance for your entire supply base. Enable suppliers to maintain their own information. Manage suppliers based on specific parameters.

    Explore supplier lifecycle management
    Woman lecturing next to post-it notes with a pen in her hand
    SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

    Accurately ascertain social and environmental risk exposure levels and contributing factors to perform effective due diligence. Mitigate risks by generating and executing issue management and action plans.

    Manage supplier risk

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    “Thanks to SAP Ariba solutions, we now have one centralized procurement platform that enables greater supplier compliance and transparency. We have strengthened the trust with our network of suppliers.”

    – Anna Campi, Head of Procurement Planning, Control, and Vendor Management, ERG S.p.A.

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