Now is the time for procurement to be seen as a strategic partner to the rest of the organization. Increasing flexibility and agility of the procurement organization, while pushing supplier innovation forward  all in an effort to drive value with a customer-centric mentality , can be made easy. As you drive adherence to procurement policies, and maintain both supplier compliance and internal user compliance of your preferred buying channels, the organizational view of procurement becomes coherent. The resulting enhancements in visibility on spend while removing the tactical nuances of the job, gets the CPO a seat at the board table.

If you are looking to achieve a more strategic nature for procurement in your organization, transforming it internally and externally, it is time to show them the true meaning of the CPO title.


CPO Rising 2017: Tools of the Trade

See how Ardent Partners maps desired business outcomes to the selection of technology tools in this annual report as well as presents what’s happening in the world of procurement.

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The Five Secrets to Moving Procurement to the Cloud

Learn procurement best practices and secrets we’ve gathered from working with thousands of customers while taking them to the cloud.

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