Director of Sourcing

Supporting product innovation and reducing total landed cost through the sourcing of suppliers that are easy to do business with, is now easier than you imagine. Avoiding contract leakage with the ability to enforce sourcing agreements; driving consistency in the supplier qualification and segmentation; ensuring product or recipe lifecycle, sourcing and execution processes; managing supplier risk – all these possibilities grant Sourcing’s opportunity to reduce the cost of goods sold and accelerate innovation.


The Direct Approach

Drive value with direct sourcing and supply chain collaboration. Download this complimentary report from Deloitte, an SAP Ariba partner.

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Now Is the Time to Collaborate with Direct Spend Suppliers – and Here’s Why

Download this paper to learn the latest solutions for the challenges in direct sourcing and supplier management in manufacturing and retail industries.

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Managing Design-to-Deliver Processes in the High-Tech Value Chain

Download this paper to learn how direct sourcing and supplier management can drive more business agility, streamline design-to-deliver processes, and mitigate supply chain risk.

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