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Box Print Ltda Packaging 850 Network integration for improved supply chain collaboration with customers

Executive Overview

With over 60 years in the printing and packaging industry, Box Print serves their customers with flexible solutions to meet their unique needs. Box Print operates in a number of different industries, which include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, footwear, beverages, and food. With a commitment to ensuring their activities leave a lasting positive impact on society, Box Print is focused on better serving their customers by digitally transforming their supply chain operations.

Ariba Network implementation creates innovation and sustainability for both our customers and Box Print. Innovation in production process provides greater visibility and reduces production parts. Sustainability provides production intelligence to reduce raw material costs and energy (usage) and improve logistics. We are proud to experience this momentum with our customers.
Marco Antonio Schmitt Commercial Director, Box Print Ltda
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Success Story

Through Ariba Network, Box Print collaborates with their customers using SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration to manage their orders more effectively.

With ERP integration on Ariba Network, Box Print streamlined their processes for order management, allowing the business to:

  • Collaborate with their customers in a single platform
  • Centralize orders, automate document handling processes, and create efficiencies by integrating their ERP system with Ariba Network
  • Reduce the risk of errors associated with manual data entry
  • Improve responsiveness to customers, with order confirmations sent within hours, not days
  • Improve consistency of data and information between internal systems and their customers’, leading to fewer mistakes
  • Expand their business using Ariba Network integrations

Featured Solutions and Services

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Ariba Network

Ariba Network is now SAP Business Network, the world's largest business network and a dynamic, digital marketplace where companies connect to get business done.

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Strengthen customer relationships, automate fulfillment, and achieve touchless transacting by integrating your ERP with SAP Business Network.

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Supply Chain Collaboration Solutions

Share real-time information with all your direct spend suppliers, obtain their commits, and tap network-generated intelligence to achieve complete supply chain visibility.

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