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Company Industry Company Size Revenue
ERG S.p.A.
Energy and natural resources 800 €1 billion

Executive Overview

ERG S.p.A. is the leading wind-power operator in Italy. On a mission to provide the future with renewable and sustainable energy, ERG produces wind, solar, hydroelectric, and high-yield and low- environmental-impact thermoelectric cogeneration energy. Committed to driving a sustainable business, ERG was focused on digitally transforming the management of its supply chain to align with its supplier code of conduct, allow better visibility, and streamline processes with its suppliers.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • The need to standardize disjointed systems and tools into a single platform to enhance productivity and provide better collaboration and better visibility into the business
  • Manual processes and the need to streamline processes to update supplier data and qualify suppliers


  • Single procurement platform with SAP Ariba solutions

  • Ability to manage suppliers in one place

  • Integration with the SAP ERP application

  • Support from the Intelligent Enterprise to enable enterprise-wide digital transformation

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Significant increase in savings on sourcing projects compared to previous platform

  • €100 million of procurement volume

  • Improved supplier qualification to align with sustainability, anti-corruption, and human rights goals and the company’s code of ethics

  • Greater transparency with suppliers with scaled compliance for entire supplier base

  • Real-time access to unified supplier data that is current and consistent through the sync between SAP ERP and SAP Ariba solutions

Thanks to SAP Ariba solutions, we now have one centralized procurement platform that enables greater supplier compliance and transparency. We have strengthened the trust with our network of suppliers.
Anna Campi Head of Procurement Planning, Control, and Vendor Management, ERG S.p.A.
Morning fog rises over the hills and a line of large wind turbines.

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