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Company Industry Company Size Revenue
Evonik Industries AG Specialty Chemicals 32,000 €13.1 billion

Executive Overview

Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals that make tires fuel-efficient, mattresses more elastic, medications more effective, and animal feed healthier. Their mission is to improve life today and tomorrow for their customers and employees. While Evonik had an 80% perfection rate with their catalogs on SAP Ariba, they were seeking to improve the user experience in sourcing non- catalog items and control maverick spending. They opted for a new solution that integrated with their procurement solutions and enabled them to augment their catalog strategy by giving users single sign-on access to a marketplace that could provide easily searchable, company-authorized content.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Effortless content-user searches for non-catalog items
  • Control of tail-spend expenditures
  • Reduce manual purchase orders for maverick spending
  • Operative costs to manage low-volume suppliers in smaller countries


  • Available in multiple global locations
  • Easy integration into SAP Ariba solutions
  • Vetted supply base

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Easily enabled marketplaces for global locations
  • Eliminated low-volume suppliers due to access to marketplace
  • Completed control of available content and pricing restrictions
  • Adherence to work-flow policies already in place
  • Users able to find what they need in 5-10 minutes using guided buying
  • Boosted credibility in internal catalog by providing marketplace comparison
  • Elevated internal quality of catalogs to be as user-friendly as marketplace
Using SAP Ariba Spot Buy, users were able to quickly find the items they needed in a matter of minutes that were policy approved. This enabled our strategic sourcing managers to reduce the need for low-volume suppliers for small company locations by having access to a marketplace with millions of items.
Head of Procurement, Operations and Processes, Evonik Industries AG
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Featured Solutions and Services

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Procurement Solutions

With the control that SAP Ariba guided buying and spot buy capabilities provide, you can cut supply costs by as much as 10% and lower processing costs by 25% to 60%.

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Spot Buy Capability

Spot buy delivers a cost-saving, single source for indirect goods, simplifying those one-off or emergency purchases that have always been too costly and time-consuming to source.

Spot Buy Capability
smiling woman working with laptop in image used to promote SAP Ariba guided buying capability
Guided Buying

Guided buying delivers a simple experience for purchasing goods and services. It guides employees to use preferred suppliers, processes, and policies, resulting in happy employees and compliant spend.

Guided Buying
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