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Company Industry Company Size Revenue
HH Global Ltd. Media and professional services 4,100 US$2.1 billion

Executive Overview

The ability to adapt and respond to opportunities wherever it sees them sets HH Global apart from other marketing services companies. With a track record of innovation and commitment to the environment through sustainable product alternatives, HH Global is a trusted procurement partner and serves clients in over 54 countries. Partnering with some of the world’s most influential brands, the company offers creative services, marketing technology, and marketing production across print, digital, and retail media.

Six years ago, seeing the benefits of managing procurement processes and documentation for purchase orders and invoices electronically, HH Global committed to embracing electronic processes in its supply chain. Since then, the company has steadily transitioned its clients and created an efficient electronic transaction experience. 

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Eliminate inefficient purchasing processes and align purchasing organization decisions with business strategy, focused on sustainable innovation
  • Achieve successful adoption of its electronic procurement platform


  • Multiyear transformation experience using SAP Ariba solutions as key components of its technology solution offering to clients
  • Strong engagement with an account manager, presenting opportunities to cut costs, reduce risk, and grow revenue through better collaboration with trading partners on Ariba Network
  • Access to integration services and the right expertise during the onboarding process, helping trading partners join smoothly and successfully
  • Ability to maintain a single online catalog for customers using the PunchOut feature

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Automated manual procurement processes, creating process improvements for the operations team by moving to electronic purchase orders, e-invoicing, and published and punchout catalogs
  • Streamlined processes, eliminating manual order-confirmation tasks and reporting, thereby reducing risk
  • Improved collaboration with customers, thanks to enhanced payment-process visibility
  • Innovated the intelligent routing of orders to suppliers, based on agreed rate cards and delivery destination
  • Successfully completed 319 enablement engagements for 102 clients on Ariba Network
  • Improved payment cycles, with around 25% of purchasing volume managed through SAP Ariba solutions
  • $500 million +

    Of spend channeled through Ariba Network, up from US$95 million four years ago

  • 50,000+

    Invoices managed through the platform, up from 26,000 four years ago

  • 25%

    Purchasing volume managed through SAP Ariba solutions

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Success Story

Embedding More Clients on the Network to Speed Sales Cycles and Improve Cash Flow

Seeing the value from one global client using Ariba Network, the company joined the network to more efficiently manage sales cycles and improve cash flow.

As a supplier using SAP Ariba solutions, HH Global has improved collaboration with buyers. Streamlined processes have eliminated the need for manual order confirmation tasks and reporting, and there’s also enhanced payment process visibility, with purchase orders and invoices now managed electronically.

Using SAP Ariba solutions has allowed HH Global to establish favorable contractual terms with its clients, with 10% of its volume under fast payment terms. While this supports its healthy cash flow, it has also helped with the challenge of aged debt.

HH Global has also adopted PunchOut and published catalogs and has innovated to intelligently and automatically route orders to buyers, based on agreed rate cards and delivery location.

Spotlighting our experience with SAP Ariba solutions as a supplier is an important part of our sales collateral, as future clients who operate on the network want a supplier who’s already deeply embedded and transacts on the network.
Gary George Global Technology Director, HH Global Ltd.
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