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Company Industry Company Size Revenue
Lloyds Banking Group plc Banking and insurance 65,000 €18.9 billion

Executive Overview

As the largest bank and insurer in the United Kingdom, Lloyds Banking Group plc counts on a vast network of global suppliers for everything from technology to office supplies and services. Managing supply chain risk is a top priority for the group’s procurement team. So is enabling optimum contract outcomes, supply chain sustainability, and simple, transparent buying and selling for employees and suppliers. To unify and standardize procurement processes and gain the deep data insight it needs to ensure stable, secure, and compliant supply chains for the bank and its customers, Lloyds embarked on a digital procurement transformation.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Difficulty managing supply chain risk, optimizing spending, and driving value and sustainability
  • Disparate procurement processes and systems across the group
  • Lack of visibility into the supplier network, limiting the insight needed to make strategic decisions


  • SAP Ariba solutions to centralize, standardize, and simplify sourcing, contracts, procurement, payment, and supplier lifecycle and performance management
  • Ariba Network to connect buyers with millions of suppliers worldwide, including third-party marketplaces and platforms such as Amazon Business and Mercateo Unite
  • Advanced procurement analytics for total supply chain transparency and insight
  • Full integration with existing SAP solutions, as well as a strong technology proposition and road map

After: Value-Driven Results

  • User-friendly experience and digital workflows that allow users to work from anywhere
  • Automatic integration of contract terms, pricing, and discount data into POs, reducing administrative work, increasing visibility for sourcing managers, and ensuring value throughout the contract lifecycle
  • Procurement data analytics that will increase spend visibility, thus enabling greater buyer autonomy
  • Machine learning that will help optimize catalogs so buyers can find what they need quickly
  • Ability to reach and collaborate with more suppliers worldwide for everything from laptops to PPE
  • Integrated sourcing, contracting, and e-signature management, making it easier to work with Lloyds
  • Total supplier transparency to support supply chain continuity, compliance, security, and sustainability
When it comes to procurement, SAP Ariba solutions are our backbone. They have allowed us to stay agile and flexible and keep our services running by giving us total visibility into our supply chain, so we can manage risk and deliver real business value.
George Booth CPO, Lloyds Banking Group plc
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Featured Solutions and Services

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SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing is a best-in-class, easy-to-use procure-to-pay solution that helps companies effectively manage all spend-related processes and ensure negotiated savings reach the bottom line.

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SAP Ariba Contracts

Speed up contract cycles by 50% and reduce administrative and legal costs by up to 30% when you rid yourself of the paper and ink.

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Sourcing for Indirect and Direct Materials

Source services, indirect materials, and direct materials using SAP Ariba Sourcing, SAP Source-to-Contract Suite, or SAP Strategic Sourcing Suite.

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SAP Ariba Discovery for buyers

A free buyer-supplier matching service, putting a world of high-quality suppliers at your fingertips to drive bids for your business up, and your costs down.

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Supplier Lifecycle Management

The SAP Ariba supplier lifecycle management solution is integrated with procurement processes to help you drive spend to preferred suppliers and scale compliance for your entire supply base.

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SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway means simpler, scalable Ariba Network integrations with your trading partners.

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