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Strengthen your brands with procurement and supply chain solutions from SAP

Staying competitive in a marketplace of evolving consumer preferences, regulatory requirements, and supply chain disruptions calls for rapid and continuous innovation and introduction of products that drive more customer value and profitable growth.

With SAP Ariba solutions and SAP Business Network, you can implement procurement and supply chain strategies that enable:

  • Stronger supplier collaboration and relationships

  • Enhanced social and environmental sustainability

  • More strategic sourcing of both direct and indirect materials

  • Greater process efficiency and team productivity

  • Controlled and compliant spending to reduce costs and risks 

Experience the SAP Advantage

Accelerate time to market

Integrated source-to-pay processes, supply chain visibility, and collaborative supplier relationships help ensure products arrive to market faster.

Protect your brand

You can strengthen customer awareness and loyalty while mitigating risks deep in your supply chain, such as forced labor and environmental concerns.

Optimize your inventory

Your network of suppliers, distributors, co-packers, and co-manufacturers can be aligned to minimize stock-outs and fulfill unexpected demand.

Minimize downtime

Facilities can run more smoothly with coordinated and timely equipment maintenance, spare parts availability, and workforce skills.

Manage spend effectively

Costs and risks decrease when all spend is brought under management, including marketing, travel, janitorial services, and office supplies.

Mitigate contract leakage

Integrating your ERP with a global sourcing platform of contract and supplier management tools helps drive compliance across business channels.

Success Stories

Woolworths Group Limited
99.7% of nontrade suppliers paid on time

“Partnering with SAP on our transformation journey, we’re making procurement simpler for stores with the rollout of SAP Ariba solutions as our single platform for the procurement of all nontrade goods.”

– Phillip McDonald, GM, Group Procurement

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Boosting supply chain resilience

"SAP Ariba solutions are key to connecting purchasing, supply chain, manufacturing, deliveries, and sales. They increase the resilience of our supply chains today and give us the tools to keep our finger on the pulse of tomorrow.”

– Bertrand Conqueret, CPO & President, Global Supply Chain

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Central America Bottling Corp.
End-to-end process transparency

“Thanks to SAP Ariba solutions we can see where our vendor relationships could save us money and focus on building relationships with only the best suppliers.”

– Fernando Molina, Procurement Center of Excellence Manager

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Explore SAP Ariba Solutions

Two men examining paperwork in an office
Supply chain collaboration

Work with multiple tiers of contract manufacturers and suppliers with greater ease and safety across supply chain planning and execution processes.

SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration for Buyers
Executive explains supplier risk management in front of a whiteboard with post-it notes and a pen in her hand
Supplier risk management

Give employees the tools to make smarter, more-sustainable purchases by incorporating risk due diligence as a natural part of the procurement process.

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk
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Strategic sourcing

Enable fast, sustainable sourcing while simplifying contract management and improving supplier management with one solution suite.

SAP strategic sourcing solutions
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Invoice management

Streamline and automate invoice receipt, processing, and payment while shifting your accounts payable focus from mere transactions to strategic activities.

SAP Ariba Invoice Management
Man and woman outside building looking at tablet
Spot buying

Make it easy for your employees to buy non-sourced goods from trusted suppliers while you enjoy built-in control over a B2B marketplace.

Spot Buy capability
Overhead view of three co-workers walking outside as they discuss SAP Ariba Guided Buying
Guided buying

Offer an intelligent, intuitive shopping experience that guides employees through preferred buying channels, processes, and compliance policies.

Guided buying capability
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