Achieve digital transformation with SAP Ariba solutions for the high-tech industry

SAP Ariba solutions for the high-tech industry can help you remove complexity and simplify your direct procurement and supply chain processes. They make it easier to collaborate with stakeholders inside and outside your organization on problem-solving and innovation for competitive advantage. Our fully integrated, network-based solution suite can provide you – from source to settle – the control, real-time insights, and predictive analysis you need to be: 

  • Connected: Engage in seamless, digital collaboration from design to deliver, facilitated by flexible and scalable multitier connectivity into many-to-many demand and supply networks. 

  • Smart: Proactively predict risks with real-world data, process transparency, and network intelligence. 

  • Agile: Eliminate manual processes and reduce overhead with automation driven by your own business rules.

Microsoft’s One Digital Supply Chain, Enabled by SAP Ariba Direct Spend Solutions and SAP IBP

Watch as Microsoft leaders explain how SAP Ariba and SAP solutions enable Microsoft’s One Digital Supply Chain initiative and streamline Microsoft’s direct spend processes from design to deliver.

  • Transform procurement and supply chain with SAP Ariba

    Digitalize your supply chain collaboration and procurement processes to respond efficiently and effectively to volatile demand and supply. Collaborate with suppliers and colleagues in real time using SAP Ariba solutions and Ariba Network to determine what to make, when, and how.

    Warehouse floor with multiple workers
    Solutions for Direct Spend

    Connect the people, partners, processes, and information needed to manage all design-to-deliver activities in a simple, smart, and open way.

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    A close up of hands accepting a box that has been presented illustrating the simplicity of SAP Ariba supplier management
    Supplier Management

    SAP Ariba provides the only end-to-end solution portfolio that lets you manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place.

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    Executive with pen in her hand explains the benefits of SAP Ariba Payables to co-workers in a conference room
    SAP Ariba Payables

    Improve your DPO, lower your suppliers’ DSO, and capture significant savings with these flexible and scalable financial supply chain management solutions.

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  • Improve collaboration and minimize risk with real-time visibility

    Enhance supply chain agility for faster time-to-market. Find qualified sources of supply at lower cost. Improve supply chain visibility for stronger compliance and lower risk. Reduce inventory, optimize working capital, and minimize off-balance-sheet liabilities to protect margins.

    End-to-End Process Management

    Connect sourcing and contracting processes with manufacturing execution using prebuilt ERP integration to ensure that negotiated terms are fully executed. Cut manual processing costs, cost of goods sold, and IT costs.

    Supply Chain Visibility

    Become more demand-driven and drive down inventory costs. Optimize inventory by collaborating on long- and near-term forecasting. Gain full visibility into inventory that is consigned, owned by you, and/or managed by suppliers – whether it is at your sites, your contract manufacturer’s, or in transit. 

    Multi-Tiered Supplier Collaboration

    Effectively collaborate with all suppliers, including contract manufacturers, tier 2, and beyond. Better manage your non-linear and external supply chains, reduce inventory levels, and increase fill rates with complete supply chain visibility.

    Streamlined Product Sourcing

    Onboard suppliers and contract manufacturers quickly to gain full compliance and better market pricing for complex, multilievel bills of materials.

    Reduced Supplier Risk

    Gain real-time visibility to actively monitor and manage risk in your supply base to avoid costly supply disruptions, ensure quality, and sustain business continuity.

  • Customer Success Stories

    SAP Ariba Customer Microsoft Customer Experience Video
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    SAP runs SAP: Streamlining Procure-to-Pay Processes with SAP Ariba Solutions
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