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Provide better service through automation, data-driven insights, and transparency

Serving citizens and stakeholders, managing budget constraints, and juggling competing priorities can be easier when you have better visibility into vendor performance, compliance, and budget expenditure across your organization. Making better-informed spending decisions can be easier, too, with the operations and supplier experience data you can obtain once you digitally integrate your procurement processes end to end.

Use SAP Ariba Procurement solutions and SAP Business Network to digitalize the procurement lifecycle. You'll find it possible to:

  • Streamline sealed-bid processes
  • Optimize your external workforce
  • Strengthen relationships with vendors and third-party service providers
  • Facilitate compliant purchasing through guided buying
  • Accelerate requisition cycle times
  • Track and report organization-wide spending

Working with SAP, you can make it easier for all purchasing to be done with accountability, sustainability, equal opportunity, and purpose in mind, further positioning your organization as high-performing, trusted, and citizen-focused.

The SAP Advantage

Streamlined sealed-bidding processes

Discover, evaluate, select, and award in one unified user experience. Stakeholders can define envelope rules to help ensure fair and open competition throughout a two-step sealed bidding process.

Fully integrated source-to-pay solution

Realize cost savings and optimize taxpayer dollars using a global sourcing platform with built-in contract and supplier management, integrated with your ERP.

Better external workforce management

Source, onboard, monitor, and offboard reliable, certified, and skilled external services and workers, while digitally collaborating on pricing, service order, assignment, and invoice processes, with SAP Fieldglass solutions.

Diversified supplier base

Find and collaborate with women-owned, minority-owned, and veteran-owned contractors and suppliers on SAP Business Network, the world’s largest business network.

More effective vendor collaboration

Increase RFI participation, speed up requisition and contract negotiation cycles, and improve on-time delivery of goods and services. Reduce the risk of supply disruption and safety issues through better supplier performance tracking and collaboration.

Faster, simpler contract management

Reduce cycle times for requisition and contracting processes. Execute documents electronically for speed and simplicity.

Increased spend control and visibility

Market-leading solutions utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning – along with mobile access – to guide expedient purchasing that complies with negotiated contract terms.

Compliant goods and services purchasing

Access a supplier pool with visibility into preferred, qualified, and compliant sources of supply- and track-related spend in real time. Ensure compliance and approvals through integrated and automated role-based workflows.

Innovative supplier experience management

Survey, analyze, and act upon supplier issues more purposefully with Qualtrics XM for Suppliers. Gather data that can reveal supplier views about responding to RFPs, vendor diversity and inclusion practices, and previous public sector experience.

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