Using SAP Ariba solutions helps you get to smarter decisions faster

Intelligent Procurement from SAP Ariba automatically sorts through a wealth of spend, supplier, policy, and risk data – more information than any individual or team can view or manage – to interpret the best course of action at critical points in the procurement process.

It automates everyday decisions, and uncovers patterns, insights, and other information to help you determine the right answers to more complex questions.

And it does it all through a simple conversation in your natural language. With Intelligent Procurement, SAP Ariba packs new power into the entire process, so you can be more focused, more effective, and get more done.

Features and Benefits

Deepen engagement and adoption

You’ll be able to interact with systems through a conversational interface, speeding up adoption and avoiding costly training.

Retain talent and knowledge

Advanced technology will help attract and retain top talent. And you’ll be able to use self-learning to understand behaviors and retain knowledge.

Improve decision-making

Access to deeper, broader data sets will help uncover hidden patterns and insights.

Improve business outcomes

Personalized, contextual data will help boost efficiency. Approvals will be expedited through improved accuracy. And tasks will be automated so managers and staff can focus on value-added activities.


Read all about Intelligent Procurement from SAP Ariba in this whitepaper

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Read how SAP Ariba is putting the power of intelligent procurement into your hands – delivering exciting new capabilities to help you optimize outcomes and deliver more value across your organization.

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Take a look at how Intelligent Procurement using SAP Ariba solutions will make procurement smarter, faster, and simpler.

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