Drive down working capital, excess stock, and carrying costs

Rid yourself of all the e-mail, spreadsheets, and homegrown portal systems you’ve used to meet the objectives of your inventory management programs – whether you run supplier managed inventory (SMI) or consigned inventory programs, or if you procure inventory on behalf of contract manufacturers. SAP Ariba’s unique inventory collaboration add-on that is now available with SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration will provide clear communication, alignment, and visibility between you and your suppliers. With this add-on, you can:

  • Optimize inventory levels with real-time visibility into global inventory positions across your supply network

  • Help suppliers comply with minimum and maximum inventory rules

  • Improve order fill rates in demand-driven supply chains

  • Strengthen customer service by providing suppliers with early visibility to customer demand data

Product Features

Complete visibility

Your visibility into supplier managed inventory and projected stock levels across your supply network includes planned shipments and inventory in transit.

Supplier managed inventory screen shows complete visibility

End-to-end supplier collaboration

Collaborate with suppliers in real time on schedule agreements, minimum-maximum inventory information, replenishment signals, advance ship notices, and goods receipts notices.

Network-generated intelligence

Get planned shipment calculations and use a convenient dashboard to view alerts and notifications about minimum and maximum inventory levels to help ensure supplier compliance.

Back-end integration

Integrate your ERP system and your suppliers, sending consumption signals to your finance system and suppliers for accurate accounting.