Transform data into intelligence so you can deliver more value

With every procurement and supply chain transaction, on computers and mobile devices, in the cloud and on the Internet, your business generates more data than you know what to do with. Much of it lives on systems that don’t talk to each other, both inside and outside the four walls of your organization, generated by suppliers, government agencies, social sources, and other organizations.

SAP Ariba Intelligent Spend Management can help you understand and use that data, transforming it from information into intelligence, and intelligence into value. The kind of value that comes from helping your organization quickly adapt to changing needs, drive change, and adopt new business models. Let’s work together to bring more visibility, focus, and agility to your spend management processes, and strengthen your ability to:

  • Anticipate and respond to rapidly changing customer needs
  • Mitigate threats to your supply chain, operations, and reputation
  • Automate and streamline your source-to-pay process so you can do more with less
  • Collaborate efficiently and effectively across internal teams and with business partners
  • Accelerate innovation toward new business models and revenue streams

To achieve these goals, you need the right infrastructure and systems, not clunky user experiences or disconnected teams and data. SAP Ariba has the technology and expertise to help you put intelligence to work.

SAP Ariba equips organizations to expand beyond cost-focused procurement and supply chain metrics to more strategic business priorities. Across the source-to-pay process, we connect data from virtually any source to create more insightful experiences and processes. That way, you can tackle changing priorities and get more work done.

And, we’re investing in technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain to enhance our solutions and infuse even more problem-solving intelligence from source to pay.

Two female executives look at a computer monitor to review the SAP Ariba Intelligent Spend Management solution

Ariba Network: A dataset without equal

Ariba Network is a dynamic, digital marketplace generating more data from across the source-to-pay cycle than any other network. Its vast repository of data has been aggregated from millions of companies conducting trillions of dollars in spend over the course of more than 20 years.

Ariba Network provides our customers with insights and intelligence made possible by the biggest and best dataset of business commerce transactions between buyers and suppliers. It is, simply put, without equal.

Countless inputs, powerful outcomes

With SAP Ariba, you get a nimble, modern approach to managing procurement and supply chain data assets, one that delivers the five critical requirements for more intelligent spend management processes:

Access data from any source – while it stays where it lives – and improve it, enhance it, and put it to work instantly, when and where you need it

Embed intelligence from end to end so you can see the whole picture and make smarter, more informed choices at every decision point

Connect processes across your organization to keep spend data flowing while insights help everyone continuously change and enhance results

Reach beyond your four walls to connect automatically with data from suppliers and other sources, as well as the cumulative intelligence generated by $11 trillion in global commerce conducted on Ariba Network

Meet unique business needs, connecting to third-party solutions or adding custom functionality, by safely and easily tailoring and enhancing your solutions with open architecture, APIs, and an ecosystem of developers

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Ariba Network is where companies connect to get business done, making it easy for buyers and suppliers to collaborate on transactions, strengthen their relationships, and discover new business opportunities.

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