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Cut processing and supply costs while strengthening compliance and control

One of the reasons SAP Ariba is the leader in spend management solutions is our expertise in automating all steps of the source-to-pay process on an integrated, cloud-based platform. But maybe you’re not looking to tackle your processes end to end. As a midsize and growing company, perhaps you just want to quickly solve some specific sourcing, contracting, or spending challenges. We specialize in that, too.

SAP Ariba solutions are designed to help midsize companies streamline and achieve real-time visibility into spend, collaborate better with suppliers, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance. With the right business management software and access to SAP Business Network, we can help you automate any part of your source-to-pay process. We’ll equip you to reach beyond your organization’s four walls into the cloud, where you can efficiently and effectively share processes with your suppliers to: 

  • Achieve real-time visibility and control of company-wide spending

  • Find new sources of supply and negotiate real cost savings

  • Simplify contract approvals and management

  • Help employees quickly and easily buy from preferred suppliers at the right prices

  • Reduce invoicing errors and capture more early-payment discounts

  • Improve cash flow and optimize working capital 


When you automate your processes with SAP Ariba, you can free your staff from time-consuming and costly manual processes, boosting each person’s capacity not only to get more work done, but also to focus on strategic activities that can strengthen competitive advantage and your bottom line.

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“These are great tools that provide robust data integration and an enhanced user experience. SAP Ariba solutions support us in every step we take."

José Manuel Saldaña, IT Supply Chain Manager,
Navantia S.A.

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Solutions and Services

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SAP Ariba Sourcing

No matter your size, industry, or geography, you can achieve fast cost savings of up to 14% by automating and streamlining indirect materials sourcing.

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SAP Ariba Contracts

Speed up contract cycles by 50% and reduce administrative and legal costs by up to 30% when you rid yourself of the paper and ink.

SAP Ariba Contracts
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Procurement Solutions

With the control that SAP Ariba guided buying and spot buy capabilities provide, you can cut supply costs by as much as 10% and lower processing costs by 25% to 60%.

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SAP Ariba Snap

Looking for a fast and simple way to automate buying and invoicing? Now you can do it in 12 weeks or less, with pre-configured solutions packaged and priced to fit your business and industry.

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Standard Enablement

An easy way to onboard your low-volume suppliers so they can collaborate with you through SAP Business Network and pay no fees.

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Networking and Resources


Strengthen your industry knowledge and make new connections by joining SAP Ariba at important professional events in regions around the world. And there's no better place to do that than SAP Ariba Live.

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To better understand the impact of SAP Ariba solutions, explore the insights and success stories presented in our extensive collection of white papers, analyst reports, webinar replays, demos, and case studies.

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