Transform your payables into strategic assets

SAP Ariba Payables solution can help you transform your payables into strategic assets that deliver significant benefits for your company. Increase your DPO, earn more on your short-term cash, deliver benefits to your suppliers, close the loop on your procure-to-pay process, and more.

You’ll also have access to expert-support from our working capital management consulting and services team at no extra charge, so you can:

  • Assess your current payment terms, working capital, and cash positions and compare them with industry averages
  • Identify the best way to work with each of your suppliers
  • Design, run, and maintain a program to free up working capital while earning risk-free cash returns

Included Capabilities and Services


SAP Ariba Payables: Transforming your payables into strategic assets

This infographic provides a quick view at the value that you can derive – whether you’re a buyer or supplier – from our innovative payables solution.


We at Mediafly see the cloud as a platform for innovation. Ariba’s cloud-based solutions are helping us keep costs down, receive payments more quickly, and ultimately keep our customers happy.

John Evarts, CFO and COO, Mediafly
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How We Did It: Financial Supply Chain

Managing payables and keeping suppliers happy can be challenging. With financial supply chain solutions from SAP Ariba, suppliers know when they’re getting paid – and you look like a hero.

Mitigate the Impacts of European Regulations with SAP Ariba Solutions

For a quick view of the threats European regulations can pose to your business-to-business transactions, and how you can overcome them, take a look at this infographic.


Deliver Savings and Increase Profit

Sharedserviceslink and SAP Ariba conducted an extensive survey to identify the top payables strategies for improving working capital management. Listen to this webinar replay to learn more.

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