Reduce supply chain liquidity risk, free up cash flow, and achieve your financial supply chain management objectives

Since you can’t pay your suppliers and hold onto your cash at the same time, what do you do when a supplier needs to be paid before you’re planning to pay? Use SAP Ariba Payables supply chain finance capabilities to give your suppliers access to faster payment while you hold onto your cash longer. Our network of financing partners is ready to provide your suppliers with accelerated cash flow at rates lower than they could likely secure on their own, while you pay invoices as usual on the net term due date.

This way...

  • Your CFO appreciates the improved balance sheet and free cash flow
  • Your treasurer improves overall DPO unlocking working capital
  • Your suppliers reduce DSO and improve cash flow
  • Your head of procurement breathes easier with lower supply chain liquidity risk and happier suppliers

Product Features

Open, multi-funder platform

Access to more than 65 funding sources around the globe – and the ability to add your own – to provide your supplier with cash flow at rates lower than they could likely secure on their own.

Tablet showing the SAP Ariba supply chain software on the screen

Optimal flexibility

A flexible, scalable platform you can turn on or off, choosing which tools and which funders you want to work with — when and where you need them.

Easy payment execution

A seamless, early-payment network that both you and your supplier access via a simple user interface on Ariba Network. It includes supply chain finance, dynamic discounting, and payment capabilities to help you and your supplier manage the entire payment process.

Self-service tool to accelerate cash flow

On the same platform you and your suppliers are using to exchange invoices and payments, the suppliers get a self-service tool for exchanging their approved receivables for cash flow simply, with a single click.

Working capital expertise

Assistance from SAP Ariba’s expert services team who help you define and execute your supply chain finance program.

Supplier benefits

For your supplier, a better way than traditional approaches to improve cash flow, on-demand, and at attractive rates, without incurring debt.


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