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Keep your business growing and on track

SAP Supplier Financing is a self-service solution for suppliers that can match your financial needs to offers from pre-qualified and integrated financing partners on SAP Business Network. It is available to small and medium-sized businesses, based in the U.S., with at least 12 months of active transaction history on the network.

Based on your company’s reputation, as evidenced by your transaction history on SAP Business Network, you can receive quick, convenient, and personalized financial offers to sustain and grow your business profitably. With SAP Supplier Financing, you can:

  • Explore what's available for your business needs with no application costs or fees
  • Save time and resources by doing everything online
  • Improve your cash flow with flexible financing offers at competitive rates
  • Monitor funding status and options online

Start reviewing financing offers today

SAP Business Network has made it easy to get started with SAP Supplier Financing. Simply log in to the supplier portal to begin.

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