Seamlessly integrate SAP Ariba solutions with your SAP ERP

You've made significant investments in your IT and infrastructure. SAP ERP landscapes in particular can be very complex for large enterprises, with no two being exactly alike. But that doesn't mean that there cannot be a consistent and simple approach to integration using SAP S/4HANA. It enables SAP Ariba to offer many different integration scenarios to support many business processes, the most typical process being purchase order (PO) and invoice automation.

  • You get a best-in-class, seamlessly integrated procurement business process
  • You can minimize your overall integration costs
  • The value of your SAP ERP investments are protected and enhanced
  • By aligning SAP and SAP Ariba strategies, you're assured that your investments will continue to deliver value for years to come
  • You'll be able to create supplier relationships faster, and get all business commerce with them fully integrated with your automated purchase order and invoice processing

Product Features


You can map to the standard way that suppliers are integrated without customizations.

Supplier integration

Allows your suppliers to integrate once to Ariba Network, not just to you (further motivating them to participate).

Incorporation of SAP S/4HANA

Wraps SAP S/4HANA operational procurement with SAP Ariba sourcing and payables.

Process visibility

Improved process visibility along with supplier collaboration, enablement, automation.


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Integrating SAP Ariba Cloud Solutions with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Download this paper for a high-level summary of some of the most typical integration options between the procurement capabilities provided by SAP ERP and SAP Ariba cloud solutions.

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