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The SAP Ariba suite of spend management solutions is a key component of SAP’s strategy to help companies become intelligent enterprises. The foundational technology and abilities of SAP Ariba solutions deliver reliable, accurate information so you can optimize your response to a rapidly changing marketplace.

The five value drivers that guide our solution innovations and product roadmap strive for specific outcomes that can free up your time to focus on more strategic pursuits and strengthen your organization’s competitive advantage:

  1. Efficiency – Doing more with less through automation, digitization, and integration

  2. Effectiveness – Producing higher quality output through more resilient systems and processes

  3. Agility – More flexibility in your processes, faster execution, and accelerated innovation

  4. Trust – Boosting process compliance and transparency while reducing risk

  5. Experience – Delivering a delightful experience and high degree of satisfaction for end users

Platform Pillars

Data-driven decisions

Put data at the center of every procurement process and decision. With SAP Ariba solutions, you can access information from any source and automatically harmonize and enhance it. Then you can derive insights from a solid foundation of complete, up-to-date, and accurate data while embedding analytics throughout the source-to-pay process to improve decision-making company-wide.

A manager reviews data with her team on a large touch screen
Two coworkers in a warehouse review orders on a tablet

Buying, reimagined

Reimagine experiences, workflows, and decision-making. Combine all your spending data with more than 20 years of Ariba Network – now SAP Business Network – transaction data and enhance it with AI, machine learning, and natural language processing. You’ll be well positioned to eliminate unnecessary busywork, improve every phase of the process, and provide users with recommendations on vendor selection, product choice, contract terms, and more to guide optimal, compliant purchasing.

Unlimited integration

Efficiently integrate data and processes with your existing systems. You can integrate directly with SAP S/4 HANA, across the SAP portfolio and with any existing solution or system using APIs. This way, processes and data flow automatically without burdening your IT team.

A closeup photo of a worker wearing a hard hat reviewing integration solutions on a tablet

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