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Satisfy unique business needs and meet growing business demands

Procurement is entering a new age. With SAP extensibility and configurability capabilities, you can transform your software to meet your unique business needs while putting your users at ease. With extensibility tools to eliminate redundant, error-prone tasks and configuration options that embed analytics and intelligence, it is simpler than ever to make your system user friendly.

  • SAP Ariba APIs: Register for access to the SAP Ariba API developer portal, where you have unlimited potential to extend your SAP Ariba solutions and make sure they meet your specific business needs.
  • Forms: A simple, customizable interface with drag-and-drop capabilities provides you with a low-code environment to innovate toward successful business outcomes.
  • Intelligent Configuration Management: Self-service capabilities provide both SAP Ariba solution users and SAP partners with the power to manage, audit, and deploy configurations across various SAP Ariba services.


SAP Ariba APIs

Create an innovative, user-friendly environment to get the most out of your SAP Ariba procurement solutions. Add process, industry, or geography and region-specific information. Gain access to cloud-based business data for approval, reporting, or analytics purposes. Create new applications on any cloud development platform, and rapidly innovate and scale with other enterprise cloud self-service models.

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Extend the functions of your SAP Ariba procurement solutions in the simplest and fastest way. Tailor business processes and adapt solutions to your business needs with little-to-no dependency on IT or external services. Empower users in the organization to extend, modify, and create process flows to support new functionality. Create forms with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tools.

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Intelligent Configuration Manager

Using Intelligent Configuration Manager, customer administrators can easily control site configuration options of various SAP Ariba solutions in one centralized location. You can manage your environments with more flexibility in testing configuration changes and rolling them out to their production site without the need to call and coordinate with SAP Ariba Support.

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Intelligent Configuration Manager FAQ

Learn more about permissions and controls; parameters and functionality; current capabilities; and our future road map.

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