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Now you can make cloud-based integration a quick and scalable process

So many system integrations to manage, so little time. Lines of business across your organization are subscribing to a variety of new cloud apps that you need to integrate with your back-end infrastructure. Your B2B customers demand network integration for e-commerce, so you need to simplify and speed up system integration while delivering a secure, reliable, and unified user experience.

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, enabled by SAP Integration Suite, gives you that fast, simple way to connect your back-end systems without the need for multiple adapters. Intuitive self-service tools let you quickly configure, extend, and test processes, while automated upgrades and monitoring make it easy to keep transactions flowing smoothly.

With this single integration gateway to Ariba Network, you can help your company:

  • Speed up end-to-end integration
  • Quickly connect with all trading partners
  • Optimize procurement processes and your supply chain
  • Enjoy a faster market-to-cash cycle
  • Achieve touchless e-commerce transactions
  • Realize a lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway is available to facilitate transactions between buyers and suppliers on Ariba Network as well as for integrating SAP Ariba cloud applications.


SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

This next-gen integration solution transforms the integration process by making it simple to connect your trading partners, SAP Ariba applications, and backend systems.

Cloud Integration Gateway: Product Features

A purple network illustration

A self-service wizard

The setup wizard automates the complex tasks of integration and helpful deployment guides assist you through each step of the process, making it easy to handle everything on your own.

A laptop with SAP Ariba's Cloud Integration Gateway application on the screen

Automated testing and scenarios

Automated tools dramatically lower overall testing and setup time, allowing you to go live with integrated transactions on Ariba Network far faster than before.

Alignment with SAP

Enablement on SAP Cloud Platform Integration, along with prebuilt SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP integration content for 20+ business scenarios, drives seamless alignment with SAP solutions and processes.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Automated monitoring helps you identify problems in real time, so you can make sure your transactions continue to flow smoothly.

Security safeguards

Powerful security safeguards help protect your data and enable you to connect the cloud to your enterprise without compromising the corporate firewall.

Automatic upgrades

As with all SAP Ariba cloud apps, we maintain the software. You don’t have to do anything to stay current on the latest enhancements. Upgrades are automatic.


Create a seamless, end-to-end procurement platform

Innovative cloud-based integration tools make it simple to connect your trading partners, Ariba Network, and back-end systems, including SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.

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Integrating SAP Ariba Solutions with SAP ERP and SAP S4HANA

Download this white paper for an executive-level summary of some of the most typical integration options between the procurement capabilities provided by SAP ERP and SAP Ariba on-demand solutions.

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Cloud Integration Gateway for Suppliers

Cloud Integration Gateway is the preferred method for integration on Ariba Network. Download this brochure to learn how this solution can quickly connect you to your trading partners and help you achieve faster time to value.

Download supplier brochure image promoting infographic about SAP Ariba Services for Cloud Integration Gateway migration

Migrate with SAP Ariba Services

When you work with us for your SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway migration project, we’ll present a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals. Learn more in this infographic.

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Frequently asked questions from buyer organizations

Read this FAQ for more details about features, benefits, and IT specifications for buyers using SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway.

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