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Define, validate, and enrich catalog content with enterprise-grade content management tools

SAP Ariba Catalog helps display relevant and current content to your procurement users. It provides cross-catalog search functionality among local catalogs, inventoried items, a spot buy marketplace, and punchout catalogs. With this procurement content solution, you can highlight preferred suppliers to drive more purchasing to your preferred buying channels.

With SAP Ariba Catalog, suppliers can upload all their content using a single, simple user interface. And with recently launched, innovative capabilities, they have enterprise-grade content management tools to define, validate, and enrich catalog content.

By creating catalog rules to cleanse and enrich the data, you can provide users with compliant, error-free catalogs while you monitor content quality with your new dashboard reports.

SAP Ariba Catalog: Product Features

User-friendly system

SAP Ariba’s procurement content solution speeds user adoption with its single user interface, easy login, side-by-side product comparisons, and more.

A laptop showing SAP Ariba's catalog and content management report on the screen

Stronger compliance

Only approved suppliers are searchable. Preferred suppliers and products are prioritized based on relevance to search criteria – and contract pricing is applied proactively.

Fast enablement

Enabling supplier catalogs, from creation through cleaning and onboarding, is fast and easy – even when you need catalogs in multiple languages and with millions of SKUs.

Easy maintenance

With our procurement content solution, your catalogs can now be updated in minutes. Automated verification capability speeds updates, reduces workload, and improves accuracy.

Always-on support

Best-practice guidance is available through web-based training tutorials and documentation. Get answers to critical questions from 24/7 support.

Catalog services and products

Requisition any type of service, including temp labor, consulting, and print services. Collaborate with suppliers over Ariba Network to exchange information, gather quotes, and boost competition for your business.

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