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Help your users by providing automated buying-channel guidance

Guided buying brings suppliers and buyers together to help streamline procurement. By encouraging your employees to follow procurement guidelines - without having to read them first - you can help them quickly and easily buy goods and services from preferred suppliers with minimal support from your procurement teams.

With this built-in capability of SAP Ariba procurement solutions, you can:

  • Use integrated supplier performance management tools to expand supplier participation

  • Collaborate with suppliers directly through the buying interface

  • Embed rules to ensure the buying process is compliant with your procurement policies

You’ll also boost adoption of your SAP Ariba procurement solution because all users, from the occasional to the frequent buyer, will find the buying experience easier and more satisfying.

Product Features


Buying that’s easy and straightforward. A simple, smart, and elegant buying experience.

Laptop with SAP Ariba's Guided Buying application showing on screen


A single place for both the occasional and frequent buyer to buy all goods and services.


An easy way to direct users to the right items, the right policies, and preferred suppliers.


A robust sourcing engine that powers self-service collaboration with preferred suppliers.


Built-in smart guidance for policies and a buying channel process that’s integrated to supplier management.

Easy integration

Integration with the SAP Ariba Buying solution allows use of existing catalogs and approval flows.


A factory worker uses a laptop to access SAP Ariba guided buying in this video

Guided Buying Overview: A short video

Spend a few minutes with this video to quickly see how even occasional buyers can easily purchase goods and services by themselves, in compliance with your purchasing policies.

Accenture talks about using SAP Ariba guided buying in this video.

Accenture elevates procurement with guided buying

Accenture uses the SAP Ariba guided buying capability to help employees around the world buy what they need while also helping the company achieve contract compliance and savings.

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Customer testimonial video from SAP Ariba

Deutsche Bahn transforms SRM with SAP Ariba

Germany’s leading railway transportation company wanted to go international. They worked with SAP Ariba to make buying and supplier management easy and cost-effective wherever they’re doing business.

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Guided buying enforces our policies in the way it’s embedded in the buying process, and by doing so, means the processes are followed and this guarantees their success. By guaranteeing their success, it guarantees their growth.

Chelsea Grey, Services and Systems Manager, FMG
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