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A simple and seamless way to automate procurement support

When indirect goods are strategically sourced, or when employees shop from your preferred suppliers’ catalogs, buying in your company can be cost efficient and controlled. But when buying requests require special handling – and an estimated 40% do – your procurement team needs a scalable, collaborative, and transparent way to review, validate, source, and approve purchases.

That’s why SAP Ariba solutions come with the procurement operations desk capability. Now you can automate the procurement operations support process and provide stakeholders with a simple and seamless way to:

  • Maintain service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Prioritize requests based on SLAs or to meet critical needs
  • Assign procurement desk tasks
  • Always know the status of each request
  • Work together on service requests across teams
  • Keep up with a growing number of procurement support requests

Product Features

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Procurement Operations Desk Workbench

Procurement agents can organize their workload by new, in-progress, and completed work. With the workbench, they can also more easily sort, filter, and act on requests assigned to them.

Screenshot of SAP Ariba Procurement Operations Desk solution capability

Customizable dashboards

Using role-based permissions, provide managers with the ability to see procurement operations desk progress, priorities, and performance in real time.

Intelligent workflows

Provide your staff with the intelligence and control needed to manage, track, and collaborate on source-to settle tasks quickly and efficiently with end-to-end, role-based workflows

Task queues

Set up a queue to automatically route all special handling requests based on commodity code, location, spend category, or similar characteristic. You can also prioritize tasks based on SLAs.

In-context collaboration

Drive speed and transparency with collaboration tools operating in context of request details, providing team members with in-line responses to their questions and customers with real-time status updates.

Assignment engine

Automatically assign buying requests to team members based on their workloads, monitoring staff workloads to balance out and reassign requests as needed.

Native integration

Maintain consistent and accurate buying request information across the organization. Integration with SAP Ariba solutions ensures that changes to requests are automatically reflected in connected software.

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