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The simple, yet powerful way to capture and control non-sourced spend

The Spot Buy capability, available with SAP Ariba procurement solutions, delivers a cost-saving, single source for buying indirect goods. It simplifies those one-off or emergency purchases previously considered too costly and time-consuming to source. Now your employees can find what they need from trusted suppliers on SAP Business Network, formerly known to millions of companies as Ariba Network.

With this intuitive, consumer-simple shopping experience – customized to match your purchasing policies and automate compliance – buyers can quickly find what they need while you increase organizational savings through:

  • Simpler processes – The Spot Buy process for finding and buying non-sourced goods eliminates non-catalog request process costs and lengthy response times
  • Lower prices – Spot Buy prices compared to non-catalog and existing contract prices reflected savings of 10% to 20% in many cases, due in large part to the buying power of the SAP customer base
  • More rebates – Customers using P-Card can enjoy additional savings from rebates while reigning in control over walk-around P-Card programs
  • Lower supplier management costs – Using Spot Buy for the purchase of non-sourced goods eliminates the need to manage a base of one-time, ad-hoc suppliers

What's more, you can make it easy for users to punch out and find more buying options on Amazon Business and the Unite marketplace, while still adhering to your purchasing guidelines.

Spot Buy Capability Features

Here are some features and benefits you can enjoy while placing spot buys with suppliers on Ariba Network.

Trusted supplier network

Spot buy suppliers on SAP Business Network are engaged in a dynamic, digital marketplace, where millions of SAP Ariba solution users and their trading partners have been transacting trillions of dollars in business commerce for more than 20 years.

Strong compliance

A three-tier supplier-vetting process helps to make sure that Spot Buy suppliers on SAP Business Network meet your compliance standards.

Thorough risk assessment

SAP monitors all suppliers on SAP Business Network against Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) directories for supplier risk assessments.

Manageable supply base

Based on your procurement policies, you determine the suppliers to which your employees can have access on SAP Business Network with the Spot Buy capability.

Customizable restrictions

You can turn buying restrictions on and off based on a range of parameters, including supplier, category code (i.e. UNSPSC), price thresholds, manufacturer, user, and even preferred items.

Enriched payment data

Gain greater visibility into P-card data enriched with purchase order number, item, commodity code, item amount, taxes, and shipping information.

More Information

SAP Ariba Spot Buy makes one-off purchases easy
Spot Buy solution brief

Learn more about how the Spot Buy capability makes it easy to find and buy non-sourced goods with competitive pricing and delivery options.

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bushels of blueberries in image used to promote datasheet about 3-tier supplier vetting in SAP Ariba spot buy capability
About three-tier supplier vetting

Read this datasheet to learn more about our three-tier supplier vetting process that helps you adhere to your compliance standards.

Read more about supplier vetting

Our Spot Buy Partners

Give your buyers greater choice with our Spot Buy partners to help them quickly find what they need while supporting your cost-savings goals.

Just like you enable your preferred suppliers to make procurement easier using SAP Ariba solutions, we’ve enabled leading B2B shopping resources on Spot Buy so you can give your users 100 million more items to choose from.


When you turn on access to these SAP partners, your employees can shop content using the same native experience as shopping from your approved supplier catalogs, further adding to the compliance and cost savings your team delivers. Each partner offers supplier vetting, workflow, and control processes.

SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog helps suppliers increase sales

Amazon Business

Amazon Business combines the selection, convenience, and value customers have come to know and love from the world’s largest retailer with features and benefits tailored to the needs of business. Together, we’re delivering the simple shopping experience you expect from Amazon customized to match your purchasing policies and automate compliance.

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Europe’s largest open B2B marketplace, Unite has partnered with SAP to provide B2B buyers with access to Unite’s rapidly growing supplier base. This partnership transforms spot buy purchasing by matching your buyers with suppliers in a cost-efficient and trusted digital marketplace that delivers purchasing flexibility and savings. 


More About Spot Buy

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Sign up to see a live demonstration of how Spot Buy together with Amazon Business can easily guide users to the items they need to do their jobs, while helping purchasing organizations control supplier selection, content, user accessibility, and price allowance.

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Participate as a supplier

The Spot Buy capability provides suppliers with an efficient way to open channels to not only boost sales to existing customers, but also generate new sales and gain additional market share.

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