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The simple, yet powerful way to capture and control tail spend

The Spot Buy capability, available with SAP Ariba procurement solutions, delivers a cost-saving, single source for buying indirect goods. It simplifies those one-off or emergency purchases previously considered too costly and time-consuming to source. Now your employees can find what they need from among more than 100 million items sold by suppliers within such marketplaces as Ariba Network, Mercateo, and Mercado Libre.

With this intuitive, consumer-simple shopping experience – customized to match your purchasing policies and automate compliance – buyers can quickly find what they need while you increase organizational savings through:

  • Simpler processes – The Spot Buy process for finding and buying non-sourced goods eliminates non-catalog request process costs and lengthy response times
  • Lower prices – Spot Buy prices compared to non-catalog and existing contract prices reflected savings of 10% to 50% in many cases, due in large part to the buying power of the SAP customer base
  • More rebates – Customers using P-Card can enjoy additional savings from rebates while reigning in control over walk-around P-Card programs
  • Lower supplier management costs – Using Spot Buy for the purchase of non-sourced goods eliminates the need to manage a base of one-time, ad-hoc suppliers 

Features of the Spot Buy Capability

Trusted supplier network

Goods found through the Spot Buy solution capability are from both qualified Ariba Network suppliers and, regionally, the Mercateo and Mercado Libre marketplaces – all available via a single search.

Strong compliance

A three-tier supplier vetting process helps to make sure that the suppliers from which your employees buy goods meet your compliance standards.

Thorough risk assessment

SAP Ariba partners with Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS) to ensure complete and thorough supplier risk assessments.

Manageable supply base

Based on your procurement policies, you determine the suppliers to which your employees can have access with the Spot Buy capability.

Customizable restrictions

You can turn buying restrictions on and off based on a range of parameters, including supplier, category code (i.e. UNSPSC), price thresholds, manufacturer, user, and even preferred items.

Enriched payment data

Gain greater visibility into P-card data enriched with purchase order number, item, commodity code, item amount, taxes, and shipping information.


SAP Ariba Spot Buy makes one-off purchases easy
Solution brief for North America

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Datasheet for Europe

If your company operates in Europe, refer to this datasheet to learn more about your opportunities with the Spot Buy capability available with SAP Ariba procurement solutions.

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About three-tier supplier vetting

Read this datasheet to learn more about our three-tier supplier vetting process that helps you adhere to your compliance standards.

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