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Frequently Asked Questions About SAP Ariba Start Sourcing

  1. What is SAP Ariba Start Sourcing?

    SAP Ariba Start Sourcing is a free, intuitive, web based RFX management tool that empowers you to create, execute, and manage sourcing events right from your desktop. This cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology is delivered on demand and requires no subscription fee.


  3. How long has SAP Ariba Start Sourcing been available, and how is it different now?

    SAP Ariba Start Sourcing was launched in 2009 and provided solution access to two users for two events per month. During the current time of supply chain disruption, we are extending this access to five users for 90 events and 90 days to new subscribers who sign up before July 31, 2020. The expanded availability will help you run sourcing events immediately to find and qualify new suppliers in an easy, cost-efficient way.


  5. Why are you expanding free access to SAP Ariba Start Sourcing?

    You’re operating in a world that’s more connected than ever. The unprecedented COVID-19 situation has shown that disruption can come from anywhere at any time and can spread faster and wider than previously imagined. To help you ensure supply chain resilience and control costs in this challenging environment, we are extending access to SAP Ariba Start Sourcing – making it easier to quickly create and manage RFX sourcing events on Ariba Network and realize immediate savings.


  7. What benefits does SAP Ariba Start Sourcing offer?

    SAP Ariba Start Sourcing lets you create and execute comprehensive sourcing events that connect you with millions of suppliers across the globe, allowing you to buy the goods and services you need from qualified suppliers offering competitive pricing.


  9. What are the key features of SAP Ariba Start Sourcing?

    • No monthly subscription fee

    • RFX creation and management

    • Integration with SAP Ariba Discovery

    • Competitive bidding

    • Supplier profile and response management

    • Communications and messaging

    • Global and multi-lingual capabilities

    • Multi-currency options

    • Reporting


  10. What happens once I have created 90 events in 90 days?

    The solution capacity reverts to a maximum of two users posting up to two events per month per user. (You can specify which two users need to have continued access). You can also choose to upgrade to our licensed, full-service SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing solution.


  12. What about customers who already subscribe to SAP Ariba Start Sourcing?

    This limited time offer is available to new SAP Ariba Start Sourcing customers only. For current subscribers, the solution capacity does not change.


  14. How can I get started using SAP Ariba Start Sourcing?

    Once you fill out and submit the form on the web page, an SAP Ariba representative will contact you within two-to-five business days to explain the solution setup and provide detailed tutorial videos.


  16. How quickly can I expect to see some savings?

    SAP Ariba Start Sourcing customers have experienced average purchase price reductions of 8 percent to 14 percent in projects that run less than six weeks, from start to finish.


  18. How will solution updates be handled?

    Because SAP Ariba Start Sourcing is delivered as an on-demand SaaS solution, it is updated automatically at no charge whenever we issue major product releases and service packs.


  20. Can our legal department make changes to the subscription agreement?

    No, changes to the subscription agreement are not permitted.


  22. Do you offer product training with SAP Ariba Start Sourcing?

    Yes. When your solution is set up, you will be provided with access to self-help video tutorials done by subject matter experts. These will help you set up, use, and drive successful adoption of SAP Ariba Start Sourcing within your company.

    You can also enroll in the new SAP Ariba Start Sourcing starter kit online course. This free course on the openSAP platform provides step-by-step guidance to help you use the solution. It includes 90 minutes of online video content, transcripts in different languages, a quiz, and a record of achievement for participants.  

    If you determine you need additional training after employing these free options, please visit to learn about training that can be purchased separately.

  24. I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

    For more information e-mail

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