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Real spend management begins with insightful spend analysis

Get objective analysis of your supplier spending

SAP Ariba gathers your spend data from wherever it lives, classifies it according to company and industry standards, and then enriches it with Dun & Bradstreet market intelligence to deliver insightful analysis of your business buying behavior.

Spend analysis delivers the spend visibility you need to make better, faster, and more confident buying decisions and negotiate with more clout. That’s because you’ll know:

  • How much you’re spending among families of suppliers
  • Where savings leak, prices vary, and purchasing overlaps
  • Compare your spend to that of your industry peers

You can also see which suppliers can help you achieve diversity and sustainability and more.

Spend Analysis Software: Product Features

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Accurate classification

After SAP Ariba Spend Analysis collects data from your systems, it aggregates and classifies it using industry standards-based, custom, and SAP Ariba taxonomies.

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Enriched supplier data

With a solution tightly woven with Dun and Bradstreet’s enriched business information, gain deeper insight into your supply base, find sourcing opportunities within existing relationships, bring more purchasing clout to negotiations, identify risks in your supply base, and much more.

Greater compliance

Access up-to-date spend records and reports that help you discover and control maverick, off-contract, and non-PO-based spending as well as fraud and other non-compliant activity.

Advanced machine learning

SAP Ariba’s next-generation enrichment service employs advanced machine learning technologies that deliver fast and accurate supplier enrichment and commodity classification of massive volumes of data, rapid project deployments, and ongoing refreshes along with improved quality assurance coverage.

Better user adoption

Encourage user adoption with customizable role-based dashboards, using a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to view, analyze, and report spending, then identify and prioritize savings opportunities.

Best-practice guidance

During set-up, your project manager helps with taxonomies and savings strategies. Then the SAP Ariba Best Practice Center can help with building sourcing pipeline, advanced reporting, and enhancing data accuracy. Going forward, count on ongoing support for the duration of your subscription.

Fast reporting and analytics

The power of SAP HANA’s in-memory computing makes your job faster and easier with up to 20 percent faster data loading, 80 times faster reporting, and no timeouts or barriers on data size or complexity.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Include with your solution subscription an add-on that delivers quick time to value with an interactive reporting user interface, prebuilt data models, enhanced visualization, and stories from SAP Analytics Cloud.

More Spend Analysis Resources

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Watch a Demo

Watch this on-demand demo to see how you can use SAP Ariba Spend Analysis to manage data from all your source systems and continually enrich it to gain precise insights for confident business decisions.

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PT Berau Coal operates three mines in Indonesia. With SAP Ariba, PT Berau Coal has transformed procurement through better visibility and deep analysis of spending, enabling more efficient and accurate purchasing operations.

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