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Make risk assessment and due diligence part of the procurement process

With SAP Ariba Supplier Risk, you can help your buyers make smarter, safer decisions before purchase, simply by making risk due diligence a natural part of the procurement process. And when your buyers are well-informed, they’ll make decisions that prevent supply chain disruptions. That helps you avoid damage to your revenue or reputation. Also, you’ll gain a high degree of confidence that your supplier information is correct and up to date.

This market-leading supplier risk solution lets you tailor risk views and alerts to your business, to each supplier relationship, and to your role. You can also segment suppliers based on your risk exposure. With a complete view of each supplier, you can make more timely, contextual, and accurate business decisions — and improve collaboration with your trading partners.

Supplier Risk Management: Product Features

  • Screenshot of SAP Ariba Supplier Risk assessment capabilities


    Perform risk due diligence about targeted suppliers in your supply base.

    Integration-enabled data

    Easily understand your supply base with data provided by integration with SAP ERP, SAP Ariba Procurement, and Ariba Network.

    Vast syndicated data

    Identify the suppliers of greatest concern within your supply base by applying risk and compliance filters to syndicated data from more than 600,000 public and private sources.

    Actionable insights

    Accurately ascertain risk exposure levels and related contributing factors to engage in efficient and effective due diligence.

    Intelligent control assessments

    Conduct intelligent control assessments based on suppliers’ inherent risk. Collaborate with suppliers to address residual risk factors, scored and calculated by risk domain.

    Ongoing assessments

    Evaluate ongoing engagement assessments to calculate exposure to supplier risks based on your relationships, with due diligence predicated on your supplier engagement.

  • Laptop showing SAP Ariba's Supplier Risk solution monitoring capabilities on the screen


    Rely on proactive risk monitoring and alerts plus ongoing compliance checks.

    Automatic alerts

    Receive personalized risk alerts generated by automatic tracking of more than 200 risk incidents, including monitoring for any new risk exposure that arises after your initial risk assessment.

    Comprehensive coverage

    Proactively monitor regulatory and legal; financial; environmental and social; and operational risks.

    Compliance checks*

    Check supplier compliance throughout engagement period with monitoring that includes watch lists, sanctions, and litigations.

    Third-party risk management support

    Benefit from compliance monitoring that’s upheld via third-party risk management (TPRM) process.

    Issue tracking

    Follow and track within the solution any special handling needs to be addressed or problems that require remediation or exceptions from company policy.

  • Screenshot of SAP Ariba Supplier Risk solution mitigation capabilities


    Drive collaborative risk disposition and remediation to minimize risk impact to your business.

    Connected solutions

    Gain insights and ensure adherence to policies, including those for responsible procurement and conscious shopping, when the supplier risk solution is connected to your source-to-pay process.

    Collaborative workflow

    Work with team members on risk disposition workflow actions that include accept, accept with monitoring, reject, remediate, and transfer of risk, with aggregated reporting.

    Action plans

    Proactively mitigate risks by generating and executing issue management and action plans.

    Forced-labor reports*

    Achieve ethical sourcing by identifying where forced labor may exist in your supply chain, with reporting based on suppliers’ countries, industries, and products.

    Planned innovation

    Look forward to support for your sustainability due diligence efforts with a new self-service capability that enables suppliers to affirm their compliance with inclusion, diversity, and forced labor policies.

* Optional add-on via third-party content provider

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