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At every step of the customer journey

Make sure everyone inside your organization understands how SAP Ariba will benefit them. Make sure suppliers understand the advantages of accepting your invitation to join. SAP Ariba Buyer Support provides resources to help communicate with your stakeholders about their opportunities.

Customer Success Resources

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Services for Buyers

Before and after deployment, SAP Ariba provides support for change management, adoption, connectivity, and much more.

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SAP Ariba holds special online event for Ariba Network suppliers
Help Center

The Help Center is where buyers can get assistance using SAP Ariba solutions for sourcing, procurement, supplier management, invoicing, and Ariba Network.

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SAP Ariba Customer Hub

SAP Ariba online guide to learning resources, support channels, and more.

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SAP Ariba Education

Enjoy training your way with multiple offerings from SAP Ariba to support the way you want to learn.

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Find a partner

Every day, our partners help customers transform their businesses and create value through their procurement, sourcing, payables, and supply chain processes.

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Find suppliers on Ariba Network

SAP Ariba can help you find suppliers ready to compete for your business and to help drive your costs down while lowering your supply risks.

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Image of man using a virtual reality device to reflect SAP Ariba Virtual Customer Success Day events
Customer Success Day

SAP Ariba Customer Success Days are a great way for you and your fellow procurement and business network solution users to share insights about business commerce challenges and successes.

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SAP Customers have SAP support services available with or without added fees
SAP Support Offerings

As an SAP Ariba subscriber, you have access to support services and expert advice provided by SAP Enterprise Support at no extra fee. Or you could choose SAP Preferred Success, an add-on to your subscription that provides additional value for a fee.

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Change Management

Inform stakeholders about the launch of your collaborative commerce program and encourage their buy-in.

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Supplier Enablement

Drive supplier participation, learn more about supplier costs and benefits and communicate with your suppliers.

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Buyer Onboarding

Get information on how to drive company participation and how to make your collaborative commerce program a success.

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Executive in an open office reviews paperwork to better understand his benchmark program results
SAP Ariba Benchmark Program

SAP Ariba offers customers – both current and prospective – the opportunity to participate in a world-class benchmarking program that can help companies measure and compare source-to-pay performance and solution adoption rates using empirical data.

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