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Financial Ecosystem Partners

The solutions and services provided by our financial ecosystem partners complement the strength of SAP Ariba solutions.

Delivering benefits to both buyers and suppliers

SAP Ariba financial ecosystem partners deliver flexible working capital solutions and payment efficiency for our buyer and supplier customers on Ariba Network. Curated solutions by our select partners enable customers to manage cashflow, payments, and foreign exchange in different parts of their supply chains. Key benefits to buyers and suppliers include:

  • Cash flow flexibility: Buyers access supply chain financing with a financial partner as an intermediary. Suppliers can access financing for their receivables and manage cash flow earlier in the procure to pay process.
  • Payment timing and flexibility: Buyers can choose to extend payment terms with virtual cards, credit, and SAP Ariba Discount Management, while their suppliers are paid earlier. Detailed remittance information helps both parties track and reconcile payments electronically.
  • Lower cost of foreign exchange (FX) transactions: Buyers can save on the costs of processing FX payments to foreign suppliers. Suppliers are paid in their local currency, reducing risks associated with currency fluctuation.

Key Capabilities

Virtual card payments

Buyers can leverage virtual cards to pay their suppliers, while benefiting from additional security and flexible credit. Suppliers can improve their days sales outstanding (DSO) and reconciliation experience.

Supply chain and receivables financing

Buyers can work with a financial partner for supply chain financing, with the partner acting as an intermediary in paying their suppliers for approved invoices. Suppliers can also obtain financing for their receivables, giving them access to working capital finance.

Rich remittance information, automated reconciliation

Suppliers have greater remittance information to match and apply funds across transactions, reducing administrative effort and outbound calling to trace payments with their customers.

Foreign exchange services

Buyers can execute cross-border and domestic payments directly in Ariba Network without needing to go through manual payment and reconciliation processes. Buyers can also access more than 120 currencies at competitive rates, while suppliers are paid in their local currencies.

Two warehouse employees review data on a digital tablet

We are continuously looking for ways for our customers to conduct more business in a simple, intuitive, and integrated manner. With over half of American Express’ largest global customers already using SAP Ariba to manage their expenses, this partnership has the opportunity to provide significant value for our joint customers.

E-Bai Koo, Executive Vice President, Global Commercial Services, American Express
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Our Partners

Woman at home sitting in the sun using her laptop
American Express

Delivering an end-to-end, procure-to-pay solution, with seamless reconciliation, spend visibility, and the added security and control of American Express virtual card payments.

American Express
SAP Supplier Financing thumbnail image of office people smiling and shaking hands
SAP Supplier Financing

Using a supplier’s unique SAP Business Network digital footprint to best understand their financial services needs and match them with suitable working capital finance.

Learn more
Two partners look over a proposal on a digital tablet

Integrating Precisionpay, Barclaycard's award-winning, business-to-business payment product, into SAP Ariba solutions to facilitate payments between buyers and suppliers.

Two partners look over an agreement on a digital tablet, one smiles broadly
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Providing cross-border payment solutions to make it simpler and less costly for buyers to pay foreign suppliers in local currencies on Ariba Network.

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
An executive writes down financial data on a large white board.
Standard Chartered

Improving efficiency, transparency, and accuracy throughout the procure-to-pay lifecycle for buyers and suppliers.

Standard Chartered
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