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SAP Ariba Supplier Financing

Using a supplier’s unique Ariba Network digital footprint to best understand their financial services needs and match them with suitable working capital finance.

SAP Ariba Supplier Financing was created to provide unified access to financial solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs); specifically, U.S.-based suppliers on Ariba Network.

Available since 2018 and operated as an SAP.iO internal startup venture, SAP Ariba Supplier Financing (formerly known as Apparent Financing by SAP), is a connected financial network that uses the digital footprints created on Ariba Network to reduce friction for SMBs in pursuit of financial health.

Embedded in Ariba Network, SAP Ariba Supplier Financing is a self-service solution that can enable SMB suppliers to find suitable working capital financing. To understand a supplier’s needs, their unique Ariba Network transaction history is used to provide a personalized financial solution by our curated list of financial institution (FI) partners. These FI partners offer quick, convenient, and cost-effective access to the working capital that suppliers seek to sustain and grow their businesses profitably.

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