Apparent Financing by SAP

A new business initiative at SAP, this supplier-centric marketplace offers U.S. suppliers on Ariba Network access to tailored working capital finance solutions

Apparent Financing by SAP was created to provide unified access to financial solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs); specifically, U.S.-based suppliers on Ariba Network.

There are an estimated 1.45 million U.S.-based suppliers on Ariba Network. And because approximately 60% of these constitute the tail end of supply chains, they need access to capital to sustain and grow their business profitably.

We have researched hundreds of financial services providers, so suppliers dont have to. Our curated list of financial institutions and alternative finance companies forms a connected, supplier-centric marketplace that offers quick, convenient, and cost-effective access to working capital finance solutions. We use a suppliers unique Ariba Network digital footprint to best understand their needs and match them with suitable working capital finance solutions.

Ariba Network and Apparent Financing by SAP are independent business units of the parent company SAP SE. This offering is exclusive to Ariba Network suppliers in the US region.

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