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The world's most powerful procurement platform and network for buyers and sellers

OMX is a collaborative platform for accessing procurement opportunities and analyzing the economic impact of organizations in the domestic and international defense, aerospace, oil & gas, mining, and construction industries, and in other complex global supply chains.

The OMX marketplace provides access to tens of thousands of companies by region, size, classification, and capability. It also contains a robust transactional system for connecting companies through collaborative data and document management. The platform generates real-time analytics and reporting to ensure companies are compliant with procurement obligations.

OMX is a technology company, led by industry and empowering Canadian and international businesses to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and ensure optimum economic benefits from government procurements.

OMX works with SAP Ariba to create a true network of networks giving more procurement opportunities to companies globally and helping global companies procure with a purpose.

Partnership Type
Network Alliance Partner

EMEA, Latin America, North America, APJ

Areas of Expertise
Measuring the economic impact of your local supply chain spend
Complex category sourcing
Global sourcing (aka LCCS)
Sourcing and procurement outsourcing (BPO)
Spend analysis

Client Industries
Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Construction, Construction Materials, Energy, Federal Government, Government, High Tech, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Production Manufacturing Equipment, Research and Development, State & Local Government, Technology Manufacturer/Developer, Transportation, Utilities


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